4 Ways to Make Connections and Build Relationships Online

The Internet has revolutionized how people communicate with each other, right across the globe – and beyond. We can touch base with people we were at school with, video chat with relatives on different continents, even watch live feeds of the earth as seen from space stations. The advent of social media has provided even greater possibilities for interaction, especially in terms of making connections. From online dating to websites aimed at people sharing hobbies or pastimes, here are four ways you can connect and build relationships in the online environment.

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LinkedIn is an aspect of social media that has been running since 2003, and unlike Facebook – commonly used for interaction between friends - this particular site and app are all about making connections in the business world. LinkedIn is utilized by professionals as a way of communicating with colleagues and building business networks. For people seeking work in any sector, LinkedIn is ideal because companies advertising vacancies can post adverts far more conveniently than the often costly offline procedure. You can apply for these positions by uploading your CV. it can introduce you to like-minded individuals easily, allowing you to follow posts, read relevant bulletins and comment on articles.


Facebook represents a tremendous opportunity for making connections. As well as reaching out to your existing social circle, you can build on this network by sending friend requests to people and keeping tabs on the activities of people you are close to. Your ability to comment on timelines or simply post 'likes' enables you to get involved in online discussions on a diverse range of topics. You can build so many positive relationships in this way, and once you've made an online connection you can keep in touch by sending direct messages. Facebook also offers you the chance to join groups where you can interact with people who happen to share your interests or hobbies, sporting activities, or indeed any other background you can think of.


Instagram is a visual social media that allows you to browse through a selection of eye-catching photographs, commenting on those you are drawn to and sharing posts you are particularly drawn to. This is such an instantaneous way of making connections because we are programmed to respond to visual stimuli much more than trawling through texts. Like many other social media platforms, you can browse through different profiles, deciding who you would like to follow if you feel you've come across individuals you would like to build a relationship with. If you are looking for some kind of romantic connection, you can do so subtly by following, liking and commenting.

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