How to Style a Sleeveless Dress

The sleeveless dress inspires Summer time festivities just as much as formal gatherings. From weddings to Spring fever; rocking a sleeveless dress is all about looking cute and having fun. Rather you are preparing for a social event or spending time with the girls, here are some tips on how to style your sleeveless dress. Sleeveless Dresses for Weddings When it comes to attending your best friend's wedding, do not wear a dress that competes with the bride, bridal wars is only funny in the movies. Instead, wear a sleeveless dress with a lightweight bolero jacket. If you want to complete the look, find a sleeveless dress with a pencil skirt that also has a rhinestone trim along the neckline. If you want a more flirty look go for a lettuce hemline instead of a pencil skirt. Accessorize this style with a tennis bracelet, studs, and loose flowing curls. You want an overall polished yet traditional evening look. The point is to avoid the vintage wedding look. Save that for the bride; no wedding has room for two timeless beauties. Sleeveless Dresses for Summer We love sleeveless dresses during the summer! The most versatile dresses are sleeveless dresses. They come with round scoop necks, high waist lines, and tailored fits. Sleeveless dresses are fun and flirty because you can style them so many ways. For instance, layer a scallop hem sleeveless dress with a thin lace turtle neck; it creates a sassy diva look that is trendy and lightweight during the summer. If you like runway glamor, wear a chic hairstyle with double stranded pearls; this looks really sophisticated. Due to the tailor fit of a high waist sleeveless dress, shoot for a boxy tote with applique accents. For example, a Dooney & Bourke leather satchel would work well with an Alexander McQueen sleeveless crochet dress. We all love shoes, and summer means flip flops and wedges! Variations of sandals will give more of a beach style to your sleeveless dress, while platform wedges make for more of a casual summer look. You can style your sleeveless dress for formal or informal occasions, year-round, and it will never get old. Make the best out of your dress by alternating shoe styles, try adding textures and prints, wear colorful accessories, and try new things like a scarf instead of a turtle neck.

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