HARVARD 4-Foot Foosball Table

All the Harvard line models, the 4-Foot Foosball table is lowest in price and quality. Mostly this table uses kids.

If your room space is limited, therefore, you can definitely select this table. It's best for a low budget.

This type of Foosball Table is similar to the carrom Foosball Table.

It is building solid quality, and the table is strong even during heavy-duty games.

When you look at the composition of the table, you can see that it is distinctive in combination with black and white, and there are side panels. They provide excellent stability at the panel table itself.

A unique feature on this foosball table is that the ball collection box or ball return box is placed on the sides of the table instead of the opposing ends. Therefore, it is convenient for the player to catch the ball even during the game.

This Harvard Foosball Table design 48 x 24 x 32 inches assembled dimension, and its weight is 55 pounds.

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Main Feature:

Side panels on legs for better stability

Chrome finished rods

Rubber Handles

Good Design

Compact and durable

Light Weight


Designed to fit in a small space

Light enough to easily move around

Great for kids of all ages


Less playing space

Can't play an aggressive game

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