Climbing the Buttermilks, California

The scenic Buttermilk Country has long been one of California's premier bouldering destinations with a long history of ground-breaking ascents and some of the proudest and most impressive lines in the world. These massive glacial erratic boulders sit in the foothills of the Sierras under an impressive lineup of peaks just a mere four miles to the west. Granite-like quartz monzonite makes up the boulders featuring sweeping blank faces, polished patina crimps/plates and sharp slopers and edges. Fingers tend to get torn up quickly so bring tape if your callouses aren't sufficient. Included here are The Mandala, Evilution, Saigon, and High Plains Drifter as some well-known classics. The bouldering here is BIG. A number of problems feature reachy standing or jumping starts with huge moves, and on many routes you'll soon find your feet well above a height you'd want to bail at. Don't leave any foam at home because alot of the classics top out at 20+ feet. If you need a rest day there is some fun roped climbing on a handful of small crags not far to the north, or you might want to explore the wacky chasms and rock formations of Buttermilk Dome.

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