3 Pilates Moves That Burn Fat Fast

The Pilates fitness system is a great outlet for anyone interested in getting into better shape, whether they’re advanced or just starting out. Each Pilates move can also be adapted to fit each individual’s level of skill and fitness. The adaptable nature and practical convenience of the Pilates system provide exercisers with a several fat-burning moves that can be done almost anywhere and require no equipment. Here are seven moves that are especially helpful for burning off excess fat. 1. Swimming This move is pretty self-explanatory. With the assistance of a floor mat, you will lie on your stomach, settle your shoulders and back away from your ears, stretch out your arms and legs, pull your abs to lift your limbs, and then simulate a swimming motion. Breathe in for a count of five kicks and reaches, and then breathe out for another identical set. Two or three cycles of this routine should be sufficient to start. For more instructions, as well as tips on how to modify this move, visit this link. This move builds core strength while also toning your legs and gluts. 2. Crisscross The name of this move is derived from the motion it dictates between the legs and torso. To complete the move, hold your hands behind your head, lift your legs in the same position as you would for a crunch, exhale and twist your torso to the left while drawing your right knee toward your left armpit, and then inhale and invert the motion. Crisscross is a great move for working your abdominals and obliques. If you’re in search of harder abs, this is the move for you! 3. Jogging Knees/Heel-Ups Fat burning and also a little fun, what more could you want? To execute this move, you will need to pin your elbows to your sides and begin jogging in place. Each time you raise one of your legs, bring your knee high enough to be parallel with your waist. After eight of these knee lifts, reverse the movement, and start trying to kick your bottom with your feet – all while continuing to pin your elbows to your sides. These three moves are great for burning fat and calories, but so are many other Pilates moves. Explore the possibilities, and come up with your own fat burning routine!

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