Cruel Lover (one shot) part 2 +18

Who: Jung Kiseok x Reader

What: Smut city!

Story: N/A

Kiseok's POV

My right hand man hurried inside with Y/N in his arms.


"It seems she got herself into some trouble. She passed out before we could get any information from her."

He laid her down on the couch in my office. She looked like a soft fairy in the face but this woman was tough as nails. What ever trouble she got into, I could bet everything she fought to get herself out of it. I looked to Seonghwa,

"She found you?"

He nodded.

"She might've been slipped a drug though."

"Fine, thank you for bringing her here. Look into this matter for me will you."

Seonghwa nodded and left the room. I walked over to the couch and touched her cheek. She was burning up. I tried to make her comfortable by taking off her suit jacket; she always dressed so stylish, she was very charming to look at. Perhaps me moving her, even as gently as possible, woke her up. Her eyes cracked open and they were glossed with confusion. Suddenly, she popped up with this petrified expression on her face. She was grabbing me by my shirt and stared up at me with wet glistening eyes. She looked pretty like that, she had no idea how much she was turning me on with that look.

"I'm hot." She whinned.

She pulled herself close to me and burried her head in my chest.

"What happened to you?" I asked her.

"Kang Minho. He came after me because he wanted your data chip."

"What? Did you give it to him?"

"Of course not! I think he drugged my drink. I was able to shot one guy and get away. This heat is killing me though."

She sat up and took off her blouse. She was panting and her face was flush, I wanted to touch her. Watching her clothed breast move up and down with each breath she took was maddening. She arched her back and leaned back on the couch. Her hands roamed her body and her thighs pressed together. She rubbed them together either to start friction or maintain the sensations in her body.

"That idiot thinks I'm your lover so you'll give me whatever I want if I just ask." She said.

Of course my enemy would try and use her against me like she was my weakness. It pissed me off. I wasn't the easily manipulated no matter how much I wanted to protect her. My thoughts faltered a little when she touched the side of her neck and moaned. She had such a beautifully erotic expression on her face. My groin was throbbing now, wanting to dive into her.

"I feel- really horny." She whispered.

She looked at me and her eyes were blown, she was absolutely turned on. Her eyes were dark, filled with a deep desire that burned like eternal flames and it took more self control than I cared to use not to jump her. While she looked at me, she undid the button on her skirt then stood up and pulled it down. The pink laced panties she was wearing made me wonder if she was already planning to have sex later on tonight. It seemed rather sexy for her to wear to work. I'd only admit it to myself that it made me a little jealous. I don't like the idea of someone else touching her. It made me wonder what Minho was planning if he slipped her this kind of drug. I was going to kill him.

My thoughts were once again ripped away when she started moaning, I looked up at her to see that she had one hand slipped into her panties while a finger from her other hand was posted between her teeth. Her moans were a sweet symphony to me that I couldn't ignore. She sat down on the couch and opened her legs wide, I wanted to grab her by her neck and ravish her lips, I wanted to rip off those clothes and take her but I watched. I tortured my own sex by staring at her and starving it of her touch. She pushed up her bra and now I could see her plump breast and her supple nipple. She looked delicious. She moaned more, her mewls sounding like a desperate cry for release. Her back arched and she threw her head back and rested it on the back of the couch.

Fuck I wanted to taste her so bad.

"I wanna cum, Kiseok. Watch me cum." She moaned.

Damn her for being so lewd. She surpassed all the other women I had claimed; she was more entertaining and, no matter how much she resisted me, I knew on some level she enjoyed me being inside her. Here she was now, tempting me, teasing me. I grinned,

"You're playing a very dangerous game Y/N." I warned her.

"I wanna cum." She whined again.

Her fingers worked faster and I could hear past her soft moans the sound of how wet she was. She bit her lip trying to conceal her whines and I couldn't help it anymore. I reached out to her face and tugged at her bottom lip. She looked at me through half lidded eyes, her cheeks were so pink now. I was sure her heart was racing. I leaned closer to her and whispered,

"Would you like me to satisfy you?"

She looked at me with pleading eyes and nodded eagerly.

"You're sophisticated enough to use your words Y/N."

"Please, Kiseok. Help me."

I could soak this up if it didn't seem like she was suffering from lack of stimulation. I stood up and locked my door then loosened my tie. I used it to tie her hands behind her back.

"Just relax and let me take care of you."

I helped her out of her panties and parted her legs. I slid two fingers inside her, her arousal had built up so much it had soaked her panties, it dripped onto my couch. Her smell was alluring and had me growing in my pants at an alarming rate. I kissed up her body, feeling her stomach sink in to try and evade me. I kissed her belly button while my thumb drew circles on her clit. She moaned and arched more, I could feel her shudder. She was awakening a very carnal desire in me. I wanted to devour her.

"More." She begged.

"Look at you begging to be satisfied in my office. Have you no shame Y/N?"

She shook her head with a helpless whine. I chuckled as I made it to her breast, kissing them roughly while my fingers pumped quickly into her. I could feel her fight the restraints, that's what I loved the most. Getting her so hot and bothered only to deny her the ability to touch, I wanted to starve her. I was known as a cruel lover but the women I choose enjoyed it, just like she did. I could tell with the way her core tried to grip onto my fingers. Her jucies coated them while she writhed in ecstasy below me. I sucked on her sensitive nipples, I pinched at the buds with one hand and then squeezed the mound of flesh. I played with her like my sensual little toy.

"I'm gonna cum." She cried.

"How can you say such indecent things in this place Y/N?" I chuckled.

I saw her mouth open up again and her body jerked, I placed my hand over her mouth as she screamed out her orgasam. The climax hit her so hard that she was shaking, her sex pulsed around my fingers and all I wanted to do was plunge into her. I stood up in front of her and licked my fingers of her essence. She was panting and looking up at me with those dirty eyes, that expression that made my body weak. I was going to regret not taking her I knew it but getting her to come so hard for me was an accomplishment and she tasted so damn good.

It wasn't over though,

"It's not enough." She whispered, "I need more."

I was a little shocked by that, what exactly did Minho put into her system I wondered? She seemed beside herself, she seemed absent of the pride she usually showed me. She sat up and scooted to the end of the couch and leaned forward using her teeth to try and undo my pants. I placed my hand on her head,

"Calm down Y/N." I told her.

"Please, I need more. Please." She begged.

I saw soft tears in her eyes. I was really going to kill Minho, whatever he did to her, she had abandoned herself to the intense pleasure invading her body. She was literally begging me for it, I wanted her so bad too. She moved forward anyway and was able to unzip my pants. I was shocked seeing her move with such determination and purpose, was this some fantasy she was acting out now that her inhibitions had been lowered to the point they practically didn't exist? My heart was pounding as she licked against the fabric where my hard on was.

"You want it too. Please, fuck me until it's out of my system."

I reached down and grabbed her jaw and looked at her hard. Her expression didn't change, the blown up pupils hadn't assumed their orginal size. I wanted to see her drowned in passion but through the use of a drug wasn't the way I dreamt of having her give herself to me. Yet, I was having a hard time denying her just as much as I was trying to deny what my own body was feeling. She was reckless in this state, my prideful Y/N. I would give her what she wanted. I lowered my pants and briefs enough to release my throbbing sex, precum dripped from the tip completely consumed by her tantalizing expression. She opened her mouth and took me in deep, all the way to the back of her throat effortlessly. To say I was impressed was an understatement, she hadn't even finished me off and I was already plotting on how I might have her do this again when she was sober and her normal prideful self. The way her tongue glided along my length was driving my mind wild, I moved my hips slowly as she bobbed her head up and down, I ran my fingers through her hair.

"Shit." I hissed.

She was good, amazing actually, her technique was mind-blowing. The tip of her tongue pressed into my shaft as she moved up and down; she was going to make me cum faster than I wanted to. I couldn't stop her though, I had become consumed by my own pleasure as well. Her mouth was so wet and warm and she was sucking me so well I half considered putting a ring on her finger just to make sure she couldn't do this to any other man but me ever again. Then she started moving faster, she was working on me like a succubus looking to drain my soul. I couldn't take it anymore I held her down on me while I came inside her mouth. She swallowed and coughed as she pulled away from me. The feeling of her mouth encased around me was so amazing I couldn't stop myself from kissing her hard and rough. I nibbled at her lips and pinched her nipples, I became hypnotized by her moans.

"More." She whispered though a kiss.

"Don't worry, I don't intend to let you go until you're completely satisfied."

I lifted her up and untied her before I bent her over my desk. I kneeled down behind her to lap up more of her jucies. She left a wet spot on my couch from how wet she became. She was dripping down her legs she was so turned on. I couldn't wait to be inside her again. I focused on pushing my tongue inside her. I gripped onto her ass slapping one side every so often and watching her flesh bounce. She had a nice ass, not too big but not small either. Her body was sensational, every curve and muscle was a vision to take in. Her body was worth applauding, she was thick where it counted, her stomach wasn't small, she had a little extra around her waist and it made her soft to the touch. Her skin was so smooth I could lose myself to her.

Perhaps I already had.

"In- inside me." She panted.


"I want you inside me." She whined.

I had to work my sex a little more, she really took my spirit when she gave me head. I leaned over her and said,

"You should be mine Y/N."

I would never stop suggesting such words to her.

"N-no." She cried.

There she was, that woman with so much fight and drive. She turned me on more than she could ever know. Chasing her was the highlight of my day, her refusal to become mine so willingly despite her body saying she wanted desperately for me to touch her was entertaining. To be out right refused by a woman I knew wanted me as much as I wanted her, no other had given me such a challenge. No one had ever made me work so hard for her.

"Think about all I could give you. All I'm giving you now." I teased.

"I don't want to be a trophy," she cried, her sweet voice was mixed with a moan and sorrow, "I want to be seen as an equal."

I smiled to myself, she had no idea how highly I regarded her did she? How much her opinion actually affected my decisions. She talked a lot to the point her ranting just became noise but when she made a strong point I listened well. She would be nothing less if she were mine, if she just gave herself to me I'd do everything to raise her higher but I rather liked her reasoning for refusing me. I wanted to see what she would make of herself without the label of being Simon Dominic's lover.

"You'll come to me eventually." I teased.

"In your dreams." She whined.

That's my girl.

My sex was up and ready to go once again. I slid inside her from behind and heard her moan out loud. She covered her mouth as if now she was aware of her scandalous actions. I moved slowly this time, I wanted to thoroughly enjoy the feeling of being inside her. Her burning wet caverns engulfed my rod poking inside of her. The desk rocked a little with my thrusts. I held her other hand by her wrist, I spanked her sexy little ass as I moved in her. I watched her succumb to her desires beneath me even as she started to sober up. I took off my suit jacket finally, I had gotten so hot I was sweating. I ripped open my shirt and I let my hands feast on the softness of her skin while I moved a little faster inside of her.

"Fuck you feel so good." I groaned.

I couldn't even help it. She leaned up and reached for my face. She turned her head and kissed me while I fucked her from behind. She was such a sultry little minx. I couldn't help but want to devour her even more. I kissed her as harshly as I could, I gripped her hips was the ferocity of an animal. I pressed my chest against her back, I let her feel my weight against her while our tongues mingled hungrily. She moaned against my heavy groans, I grabbed her neck, I held her tight. I felt her walls tighten around me, her body sucked me in when my hand wrapped around her neck.

"You like me, admit it."

"What's there to like?" She moaned.

I chuckled and let her go. I pulled out of her only to see her look back at me shocked.

"Oh don't worry I'm not done yet."

I grabbed her by the neck again and pinned her to the wall, I kissed her as passionately as my lips would allow. I felt her hands roam my bare chest, her palms felt slightly clamy or maybe it was my own skin from sweating while we fucked. The pads to her fingertips were delectably soft, I could turn her into a meal and eat every inch of her up slowly. Her hands made it to my neck and she pulled me in closer to her body. I lifted her up and her leg wrapped around me by instinct. I slid inside of her again, careful to make sure it was the correct hole. I kept my hand on her throat. She seemed to like it there. She seemed hungrier when I grabbed her right there. I wondered what other parts of her would respond to my ways. Perhaps I could drag her deeper into the depths of my world, perhaps I could use nipple clamps, a toy or gag her. There were so many options, so many uses in my arsenl of sex toys, there was an advantage to being a deviant and even more of an advantage when my partner was willing to follow me into this pit of darkness.

"Be mine." I whispered to her again.

I moved in her as I said this over and over again. I did this before to her, chanting it like a spell I was trying to cast over her. I wanted her to become mine of her own will though, I just so enjoyed hearing her say never.

"Be mine, Y/N. Belong to me."

I kissed her as we both reached the peak of our ecstasy and we both came at the same time. I filled her up and felt her body try and milk me for all I had,

"Okay." She whispered.

I looked at her a little shocked for a moment. Her eyes were closed, she was exhausted. I couldn't wait to tease her about it. For the moment, I set her down and got dressed, I put her in her clothes and carried her out of the building and took her to my place. I bathed her before placing her in my bed for the night. Last time she stayed in the guest bedroom, this time she would stay by my side...

When the morning came, I laid out a robe for her. Jay and Seonghwa had come to my place to discuss this issue with Kang Minho.

"He's from your past Kiseok, I thought you said you dealt with him?" Jay said annoyed.

"I didn't want to have to kill him back then, we were friends at one point."

"What are you going to do now?"


He looked like that was too much of a risk. Deep down I knew he was questioning exactly what I'd do for the sake of Y/N rather than what she'd do for us. Jay sighed,

"I have no choice but to leave this up to you. Report back to me when you've handled this problem. Otherwise, I will get involved."

As he headed for the door, Y/n reached the bottom of the steps and saw Jay. They stared at each other before Jay looked back at me and gave a soft chuckle. He left out without another word. Y/N walked over to us and she bowed to Seonghwa thanking him for his help yesterday.

"Where are my clothes?" She asked me.

"In the dryer, they should be done soon. I'll have a car come around to take you home once it's done."

She looked at me annoyed,

"No need I can get home on my own."

I decided to tease her a little and leaned forward,

"So, you finally decided to become mine."

She gave me an indignant look,

"What the hell are you talking about? Of course not!"

"That's not what you said last night."

Seonghwa hid a chuckle behind his hand. She got really upset about that.

"What are you talking about in front of your employees? No way in hell would I agree to be yours!"

"Okay sure."

She got even more red in face,

"Damn you! I'm outta here! I'll get my clothes later."

"It's inevitable Y/N. One day you will agree to be mine."

"Only in your fucking dreams Kiseok!"

She gave me the finger while she walked out of the door completely flustered and irritated which only made me laugh. Seonghwa looked back me and said,

"Do you want me to bring her back here?"

"No, she's a big girl. Just- keep a close eye on her. If any of Minho's men come after her, kill them on sight."

Seonghwa nodded and left. I suppose it was time to prepare for a war. I was going to kill him for slipping that drug to her in the first place, no matter how much fun we had last night, there was no denying that Minho had other intentions for her if she hadn't gotten away. Any one who tried to hurt her, wouldn't be forgiven.

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