Facts of galaxy (Galaxy interesting facts)

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Life from Mars, our neighbouring planet

Administration (NASA)

Vehicle on Mars

Pathfinder, a us guided missile , has landed on Mars and released a vehicle, sojourner, to explore the surface. Sojourner is controlled by an Earth-based operator, who uses images obtained by cameras on both pathfinder and Sojourner to manoeuvre over the rocky terrain. Pathfinder landed on Mars on 4 July, bounced several times, then rolled, before coming to rest. Two days later the six wheeled Sojourner removed onto the Martian surface. One reason for the mission is to demonstrate the feasibility of low cost landing on Mars.

A man-made miracle!

Satellite is an object that orbits around a planet. There are two sorts of satellites, natural and artificial. The Moon may be a natural satellite of the world . Humans have made the miracle in space in sort of artificial satellites. Satellites are launched by rockets in space. There are four sorts of such satellites geosynchronous at 36000 KM height from the Earth’s surface, orbital period is same because the Earth’s rotation then used for communication and whether forecasting polar used for research, sun-synchronous orbital period is same because the rotation period of the Sun (30 days) and used for solar research and Low Earth orbiting at 200-2000 Km height and used for space exploration, remote sensing, etc.



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