Types of WeChat advertising

Just like typical pay-per-click (PPC) ads, you have a few options when advertising on WeChat.

Keep in mind that before doing any sort of advertising on WeChat, you have to create an official account. You should do so through the Chinese interface, which will allow users who have registered in China to access your account.

Don’t worry, there is an English side to the interface!

This essentially creates your branded page and allows you to dive headfirst into the land of WeChat advertising.

Let’s learn more about each!


When you advertise with WeChat moments, it’s similar to placing ads on Facebook in that it shows up to users in the “timeline.”

When you opt for a “moment ad,” users will see your brand name, your profile pictures, a 40-character description, up to six photos or 6-15 second videos, as well as a link to an html5 webpage. The only catch is that your webpage has to be hosted on Tencent’s server to be visible.

In order to place an ad on WeChat Moment, you’ll have to either be a company that is registered in mainland China, or a foreign company that’s willing to invest anywhere from $1500 to $8000.

These ads allow you to target customers in a variety of ways including location, gender, age, industry, marital status, education level, and even WeChat behavior.

In order for foreign businesses to advertise on WeChat, you’ll need to contact info@walkthechat.com in order to apply.


There are two types of banner ads featured in the WeChat app — standard banner ads and KOL (key opinion leader) banner ads.

Standard banner ads rarely get clicks, but brands can target them in the same way they can target moment ads. These ads show up at the bottom of messages created by official accounts on WeChat.

They feature your brand’s logo, the name of your account, as well as a headline. When users click on your banner ad, they’ll land on a page that tells them more about your specific brand and product.

KOL banner ads are a little different. The official account, as well as the advertiser must mutually agree on the cost per view, as well as how many views will be accounted for.

However, banner ads are restricted to companies that are registered in China, who have to provide all the necessary licenses to prove their business.


A final way to advertise on WeChat is by influencer marketing. Brands pay popular accounts on WeChat in exchange for a promo post on their account.

These ads typically take two forms, including a full write up about your brand or a banner ad that we talked about earlier.

American business advertising on WeChat

The water is muddy when it comes to advertising your American business on the China-based app. If you’re looking to advertise on WeChat, we recommend contacting info@walkthechat.com for more information about how you can advertise on WeChat!

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