“You Who Came from the Stars” Final Episode Script Completed

The script of “Man from the Stars” has been finalized. According to a representative of the drama, the script writing process of the finale was finished last week, and it is currently undergoing some minor editing. The script has been finalized for a few days already, but everyone from the producer to the staff has been worried about the ending being revealed to the public, and have thus been extremely careful with the script to prevent leaking. As netizens are continuously coming up with possible endings, there might be small changes to the script based on the situation. The teaser for the 20th episode has already been uploaded on SBS’ official website. In the clip, the identity of Kim Soo Hyun (Do Min Joon) is slowly being revealed to the public, and in the center of the buzz, he is taken away by the investigators for threatening the life of Jun Ji Hyun (Chun Song Yi). Worried about her lover, Jun Ji Hyun is trying to stay close to Kim Soo Hyun and help him. In episode 19, the lovely couple enjoyed each other’s company by spending precious time together, but just when everything seemed to be going well, Jun Ji Hyun told Kim Soo Hyun to leave the Earth for his own sake, causing viewers to wonder whether their romance will end or not. The source concluded, “We are currently in the final stages of filming. We will probably continue filming until the 27th,” which is the day the final episode will air.

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