What makes shaker styles doors in a persistent high demand?

Shaker doors

How shaker style doors are made?

To make shaker style kitchen cabinets, five panels are used. Among them, four are characterized by their common width and a rectangular shape. Two of the panels are for the vertical borders of the cabinet doors, while two are for the horizontal border. Each of the two panels in a pair has the same height as well, along with the width.

The fifth panel is recessed and comes at the centre. It takes up the remainder of the space in the cabinet door, making it look similar to a picture frame. The fifth frame makes the canvas section of the frame, with the other four making the borders. The canvas and the frame are in the same color.

Shaker doors are very similar to shaker style cabinet doors. The difference is that there may be two or three shaker style sections in shaker style doors.

Shaker style doors - An evergreen fashion]

Shaker style doors are preferred for the simplicity that comes with classic styling. They are made with a minimalistic approach and are very likely to be fashionable for years down the line.

In case a shaker door develops chips, repairing it is easy. The prime feature of shaker style doors are their affordability and versatility. Irrespective of whether your home has a contemporary, modern or a traditional styling, shaker style doors make a prime choice.

A catchy feature about shaker doors is their visually clear lines. They are henceforth easy to clean and maintain. Wipe cleaning would easily remove finger marks, dust and debris. One also has a range of choices when going for shaker style doors. They are available in a range of finishing, including veneer, dark, white and wooden finishing.

Paint and polishing create some additional options available at a buyer’s disposal. Shiny finishes reflect a modernistic styling. Wooden finishing promotes an earthy feel for the living environment. Moreover, shaker style doors can be styled in any way as a homeowner desires. For a traditionalistic look, one can use shaker style doors with decorative door handles. It is while clean lines render a modernistic look for the doors.

The design of shaker style doors is basic but very fashionable. They promote an ageless look. The versatility of shaker style doors makes them a prime choice for usage at any place in a home. They can be used for kitchen cabinetry or for showcases, wherein a glass panel replaces the central panel. This creates a fine display for one’s crockery.

Alternately shaker style doors are a fine choice for creating doors at home. They make both, cabinet doors and doors nicely. If low- maintenance kitchen doors are a priority, shaker style doors are the choice to go for.

Shaker Doors

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