Concern About How To Get Divorce in Pakistan Legally

Instances of the process of divorce in Pakistan:

process of divorce in Pakistan

About The Period of Oath of Ila':

The period of four months of Ila is to be reckoned in days and is 120 days. Retraction of Ila' and consequences If, after the oath of Ila', he has actual physical sexual intercourse with his wife, or takes her back by the use of words when he is physically or legally unable to have actual intercourse, in a period that is less than four months from the time of swearing of the oath, he is said to have Committed recourse and violated the oath. Where the husband can have actual sexual intercourse with his wife in such case any physical contact less than that will not amount to recourse. Upon recourse and violation of the oath, the husband becomes liable for expiation to be made for the violation of an oath. Effect of non-retraction of Ila' If the husband does not have recourse to his wife, who was the subject of the oath, as described above, within four months, the wife stands divorced irrevocably through one repudiation.

Process of Divorce and oath of Ila':

divorce procedure in Pakistan

Additional Forms of the process of divorce in Pakistan (Zihar and Lian) Zihar

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