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When it comes to online business or even offline for that matter, online reputation is the key to success. With the “review” trend gaining pace, a business’s reputation can easily be made or spoiled in no time. Some companies even do so purposefully and pay users for posting negative reviews of their competitors. Since businesses are engaged in multiple things, keeping an eye over such activities often gets difficult. What’s even more difficult is to reply to those reviews.

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Trust reflects your business’s success. People love shopping from the brand that they trust. However, acquiring that trust isn’t as easy as it sounds. Online reputation plays a pivotal role here. The size of the business doesn’t really matter for online reputation. Having positive reviews on different sites always works in favor of the business as people like to have other’s opinions and reviews help in that. Positive reviews build trust and push sales.


Having a good online reputation acts as a lead magnet for business. It attracts other businesses and consumers. Conversion rates also double up when people are discussing positive things about your brand. This means that the more positive reviews you have, the more the chances of sales. Investing in online reputation improves your chances of being visible and making a profit.

Conflict Resolution:

One of the major benefits of online reputation is conflict management. Conflicts can form a negative image of you and have a serious impact on your business. By responding to such conflicts in a timely manner, online reputation management experts help recover any damage that may result due to such reviews. By doing so, they help build your brand’s credibility.

Google Ranking:

Google rewards the most prominent and popular companies. When your business is amongst the most talked about, recommended and patronized businesses, it gets the coveted page one placement. If you have 20 five-star reviews and rank in the three map listings on Google homepage, you are more likely of having a good Google ranking. On the other hand, Google might banish your business if you have a negative online reputation.

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