Cruel Lover part 4 (end)

Who: Jung Kiseok X Reader

What: Smut

Story: N/ A

Kiseok's POV

I had become obsessed with Y/N. We've been in this dance for almost a year now, I've never been so determined to break through someone's convictions in my life. After we returned to Seoul from our little vacation, Y/N ran off like a child playing a game. I didn't chase after her because I knew she would discover that I had moved all her belongings to my place and left the key to my house for her. Just as I expected, she resented my efforts to claim her but it was unexpected that she would actually stay at a friend's place and pay rent there just to avoid coming to live with me. She frustrated me to no end but she also drove me wild with passion. If it hadn't been for work getting in the way this past week I would've attempted to steal her away.

Today, she's was particularly insistent on being disobedient. Following orders was important in our line of work yet it seemed like she was more determined to prove herself, whether it was to me or Jay I couldn't figure it out. She had come to confront me at my place, using the very key I gave her to barge into my room and fight with me about locking up the reports that she was investigating. She was loud and ranting like her usual self. She was getting on my nerves but I think it had more to do with my sexual frustration than anything else. I pinned her against the wall and I immediately noticed how her breathing changed.

Anytime I got close to her, so close that I could breathe her into my lungs she got a little weaker. I wanted nothing more than to break her stubborn convictions and have her completely surrender to me. This chase, had gone on long enough. I knew she was weakening but her will was strong, I feared that this battle between us would last much longer. That irritation reverberated in my voice as I said,

"Don't forget who you work for. You're in way over your head and if you think just because I take a liking to your body that I'll permit defiance, you're wrong."

She stood her ground and her damned glared turned me on. It showed her strength but also her reserve. I wondered if she hated me for taking away one of the biggest projects in her career. I wondered if in reality I was snatching it away from her because I wanted her to hate me. I wanted to delight in the passion that she held for me. She had no idea the dark world I was in, a world far separate from the illegal activity I was involved in. Her hands balled up into fists, her brows furrowed and the intense gaze of her dark chestnut eyes held time in its place.

I wanted her.

Just like that, I wanted her naked, angry and clinging to my body. I wanted her scratching and starving, sweating and clutching the sheets while our bodies writhed together. The longer I stared at her with my dark gaze the more my body released silent haunting howls, praying to be touched by her. Every hair on my body rose with the idea of her lips on me, our tongues mingling and me wearing her out until she had no other choice but to surrender. I wanted that sweet surrender the willing surrender. She had agreed once to be mine but I can't accept it, she was under the influence of some drug and didn't seem to remember she ever said it and if she did she was able to hide it well. I've been telling her she belongs to me, whether she knows it or not she truly does all she had to do is claim it. If she didn't want me, she would refuse me out right, she wouldn't fall in my embrace, she wouldn't crave my hands on her as much as I did. She just refused to be owned by me.

"You speak as if I already belong to you? Like a master to slave." She challenged.

I lifted her chin, grabbing her jaw in my signature way.

"You do belong to me just be grateful you're not a slave. You're more like a beautiful pet." I whispered against her lips.

Her eyes were even more intense now, mixed with annoyance and arousal. I could practically taste her already. She grinned almost cocky and swatted my hand away. She leaned towards me, now showing that she was far more than some docile little creature.

"You're soul intrest in locking me away is annoying. I'm sick of you underestimating what I can do."

"Oh is that why you're so interested in pokingyour nose into other people's business? Your ambitions are going to get you killed."

She suddenly lunged at me, her hands grabbing my face and her lips capturing mine. She left me shocked, she took complete control in this surprise kiss forcing my mouth open with her tongue, ravishing my lips with her own. When she pulled away and looked at me, her face was flush and there was a mix of embarrassment and arousal with the anger in her eyes. The mixture of emotions in her eyes were like a spell luring me into her. I was a victim to my own sexual frustrations as well. She said to me,

"You like to act all cool and take control of everything. You say I belong to you but it would drive you insane if I never allowed you to touch me again."


"Shut up."

She pushed me as hard as she could and I stumbled back onto the bed. She was quick to get on top of me and she kissed me again while slipping my tie off my neck and then she did the last thing I'd expect anyone to do to me.

She tied me up with my own tie.

"You don't seem to respect me no matter what I do. Haven't I been completely loyal to you? Far more than I've been loyal to Jay."

She slithered down my body until her face was in front of my groin. She had quickly turned from an angry subordinate to a seductive demon. The lust in her eyes as she looked up at me from below my bulge had my heat swelling to the point it hurt. She moved slow and methodically as if she had learned how I tortured her and decided to use my technique against me. She unbuttoned my pants, unzipped me and freed my dick from my briefs. Her tongue licked from the base of my engorged sex to the tip ever so slowly, a long torturous lick that made me bite my own lip and ball my hands into fists.

"You plan on making me your bitch?" I chuckled.

"Sex shouldn't be the answer to get you to see I can handle so much more but it's a start. Making you my bitch isn't my goal, it's to teach you that no matter how much you wish to tame me, to make me yours..."

She shoved my rod down her throat and the warmth from her mouth covered me. Her wet tongue and the coating of her saliva sent my eyes rolling back. I couldn't believe I hadn't taken her for so long. Her mouth was incredible, the wet squishing sounds of her sucking my meat, sloppy and undignified made me want to come in her mouth instantly. I wanted to feed her my essence, allow her to open up the chambers to my passion but I kept myself under control.

"I will always try and be more." She looked up at me.

She came over my body again and teased a kiss on my lips. Then she stood up and got off the bed, I was tempted to tell her to put her mouth back on me. That magic, wet, hot mouth that could send an angel to hell and a demon to heaven. I noticed her taking off her pants, she folded them neatly then took her panties off and laid them nicely on her pants on my dresser. Before I knew it, she was by my heat again, she dipped her head and instantly my dick disappeared into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down, her tongue licking the length of my member without mercy. She added to the torture by grazing her finger nails along my inner thighs, the slight tickle made my dick twitch in her mouth and when she pushed me to the back of her throat and held me there I felt like I was going to drown in utter ecstasy.

"Shit." I hissed.

She was so fucking good with her mouth, who taught her this sorcery? She knew what was hitting me just right, she held me in her throat longer, gaged and released me. A thin strand of saliva connected her to my dick and then she moved over me, she led my sloppy wet dick to her entrance and she slid down onto me. It was incredible just how wet she became from giving me head and I was by no means mistaking her waters for the saliva coating my dick. Her hands were planted firmly on my chest and she looked down at me now mimicking my steely cold gaze, whether on purpose or not I couldn't be sure.

"I'll make you a deal, if you come before me then I'll give up on the reports." She said.

She grinned in such an evil manner it made me proud of her. She knew damn well it took a while for me to find a release, unless she was giving me that powerful climax with her lips. She knew she would win this little bet, she was telling me there was no way in hell she was going to give up. Again, I was proud of her but she was getting cocky. She put her hips to work, rolling them back and forth, working her pelvis along mine, her sweet moans were coaxing me into a world of desires, like a fifth dimension. She bounced on me, leaning back, seeking a position that would fully satisfy her and I watched as she stroked the bulge of nerves between her legs with pleading moans. Everything I had hoped to see from her was being revealed to me. She was clothed from the top up, I wanted more flesh but her pride had dissipated. Her convictions had melted away in the heat. She had become a succubus motivated to reach her release.

Her caverns were so damn hot, the air was thick with scent of sex. Watching her from this angle was hypnotizing. This erotic display of her gyrating hips and moans lost in lust drove me deeper into a frenzy. Oh I prayed to every god that may or may not exist that I wouldn't come yet. That I could feel her squeeze around me and tremble in the aftermath of her climax and then take her again. I prayed for control over myself, to endure this delicious ride like an appetizer to my feast. Her hand ran through her hair, her head was thrown back and she'd found the spot that needed to be hit, the spot that she needed to be satisfied and the sound of her moans became beautiful cries. Her legs trembled so hard I wanted to reach down and grab them, press my thumbs into that thick flesh and feel her muscles twitch. Her body shook and I just knew, had she taken of her shirt, stripped herself of her bra I would've seen those beautiful breast bouncing in response to her release.

The cries from her orgasam settled and she leaned over to me, she kissed me, breathless herself then looked me in the eyes.

"I win." She chuckled.

"Sorry to disappoint you Y/N."

Her smile quickly vanished as I reached down, grabbed her by her hips and flipped her onto her back.

"But it's not over." I finished.

"How did you-"

"Fortunately for me, you're not that skilled at tying knots. Now that you've had your fun, it's my turn. I'll have to discipline you properly first though." I said.

I could see her visibly swallow and it made me smile to see that confidence slip away. She was certainly amusing, I was proud to see her challenge me. Perhaps she didn't have to be my pet, or perhaps I could let her run as wild as she liked every now and again to keep things lively but I knew one thing for sure, I never wanted someone more than I wanted her. I quickly made my way to the closest and went to the back rack. I grabbed the leather cuffs and the leg bar and walked back over to her. She looked both confused and intrigued. That wildness returned in her eyes, it would probably take some time for her to come again but it was clear that she was, once again, turned on.

I popped the buttons on her shirt, while the sound of them raining on the ground softly echoed in the room, I removed her shirt and started to unhook her bra. Once she was fully naked and exposed to me I connected the cuffs to the ends of the bed and restained her wrists. She tugged at them a little and there was a slight glimmer of worry in her eyes. There was nothing more beautiful than seeing curiosity mix with fear. I cuffed her legs to the leg bar and spread her legs wide apart. She tried to move her legs and there was something funny about that to me.

I turned away to go to my closet and retrieve a toy of my own. I spoke to her as I undid my shirt,

"You shouldn't try and move so much, the bar is designed to keep your legs open for me and I doubt you can wiggle your way out of those cuffs."

I grabbed my cane and walked back over to her. This thin tool could be used for punishments and it created beautiful marks on the skin. The sting from a cane was unlike anything else. I walked up to her and gently allowed the cane to run along her thighs. She looked up at me,

"If at anytime you want this to stop and it's too much for you, say red." I instructed her.

She didn't respond so I leaned down and snatched her jaw,

"Do you understand me?" that cold tone returned.

She flushed red again and nodded her head. The pride in her was restored and she looked away from me upset, perhaps ashamed but I could tell that the conflict within her was because she was excited by this. I used the tip of the cane to poke her perked up nipple and I listened the soft mewl that was released behind her defiant lips.

"I won't be so hard on you since this is your first time. You might find you like the cane."

Deep down I hope she did, so when she did enter my world she'd defy me a little more. She'd earn her punishment. The torture of her nipples continued with me moving from one side to the other, the thin cane gave just the smallest sensation to her breast and that sensation must've been sent down to her core. Her buttocks raised off the bed coupled with moans. I drew the cane down her middle section, slowly like I was tracing a line and then found one of her thighs. There was a quick snap of the cane, not too hard but enough to turn her another color for an eighth of a second as if I merely pinched her. She squealed, her eyes looked shocked which stirred me deep inside. My own erection twitched at the wild look in her eyes. I snapped her again, a little below where I had just hit her. The snap seemed loud and made it sound more painful than what it was. Her scream combined with her moans as if she were releasing another half of her.

I snapped her other thigh two good times, again the screams mixed with her moans and then I alternated. She wiggled in her restraints, unable to get free she was being tormented by waves of pain and pleasure crashing into her. She looked as if she couldn't handle such titillating sensations. I wondered just how each smack rushed through her. I noticed it was enough to give her goosebumps. I snapped her again and looked down at her with cruel eyes and an evil grin to match.

"Do you understand why I'm punishing you dear?"

She shook her head but she refused to look at me. Her eyes were shut tightly so I used the tip of the cane again, I pressed it to her chin and coaxed her face to turn to me.

"Look at me."

My voice resonated dominance, I was in charge, completely.

"You need to understand that my desire to make you mine doesn't mean you're nothing but a possession. I respect your work ethic more than you realize. I've been waiting for you to see it yourself."

I snapped her legs again this time a little harder and she yelped. The color change in her skin lasted a little longer. She stared at me with eyes of bewilderment. I leaned down and brushed the hair out of her face I kissed her soft and smooth so she knew just how genuine I was being.

"However, know if you're going to continue pursuing those reports I won't sit back and look the other way."

I popped her lower on the leg with the cane and then drew the tip up to her belly button.

"Do you understand?" I asked.

"If I give in to you, our relationship won't change anything?"

The look on her face was ethereal. I snapped her again with the cane a little harder and she cried out. I smiled at her and said,

"You're finally learning. Now, who do you belong to?"

The fire was back in her eyes ready to refuse me. Ready to fight me but she didn't say a word. I snapped her legs with the cane until the room was filled with her cries of pain. Over and over again pleasure over took her and watching her lust wash over her again with tears in her eyes enveloped me in euphoria. I dropped the cane to the floor and reached down to pet her sex. I couldn't contain my amusement.

"You're a masochist Y/N. You've gotten so wet."

She closed her eyes as if ashamed, her lip slipped past her teeth and she said,

"So what, why do you have to announce it?"

I leaned over her body and whispered in her ear,

"Who else can hear us past these walls?"

When I licked the edge of her ear, she moaned and wiggled beneath me. She pushed her heat into my fingers begging for more friction yet, I still continued with the slow torturous petting. Her hands balled into fists, her toes curled and her legs try to pull up. I was ready to be inside her, to ravish every inch of her sexy body. I wanted to melt inside her heat and I wanted her to give into me completely. I licked my fingers of her jucies and smiled at her tormented face before I released her ankles from the leg bar. I would wait to release her wrists. I wanted to savour this ache in my sex before I felt her claw at me. I held her legs wide open, I ran my length along her wet folds prompting her to get pissed and hiss,

"Put it in already."

Slowly, just my head dipped inside her, then out and in again. The muscles in her legs tightened, she fought to wrap her legs around me. She whimpered below me; she was hungry, starving to be filled up again and it only made me hotter for her. I slid in a little more and her heat engulfed just the few inches I had dipped inside her. Passion lived inside this woman and infected me. I couldn't handle being halfway in. Torturing her was also torturing myself and I pushed deep inside her stabbing at her sex, parting her open completely and throbbing inside of her. Her heat had my loins pulsing, on fire with ardor and suddenly my hips had a mind of their own.

My craving for her body and complete surrender took over. I showed her body no mercy as I plunged in and out of her with the fury of a mad man. Moans of pleasure clashed against each other just as fiercely as our bodies. My yearning for her was so deep I felt as if I would explode far before I was ready but I couldn't slow my pace. I only wanted her more, a more feral side of me was awakened and broke through as if I were a werewolf being turned by the full moon. I was spurred by the ideas, the sheer need to feel her dig her nails into me. Her passionate cries were turning me on even more drawing me into the abyss of euphoria to the point I could not register my senses. I snatched at the cuffs unbuckling them with one hand all while contiuing to move in her.

"Kiseok. Kiseok." She moaned.

My name sounded more erotic than it did now spilling from her lips. Her cries were intoxicating, hypnotic and I was under the spell. I had no desire to stop even if I came I wanted to stay connected to her, stay inside of her. The other cuff was off and her nails latched onto my back without me even having to request it. The more she scratched me the more feral I became. There was a beast in me that had taken over and I was claiming all of her for myself.

"Be mine." I growled.

It didn't even sound like I was offering her an option, simply a command.


Oh her sweet cries were so delicious to hear. I bit her neck, licked along her collar bone. I sucked at her breast until my marks were all over her. "You are mine" was all I could chant, all I could think and then I felt her break below me. Her head snapped back and she screamed in highest pleasure calling out for god while her eyes rolled back. Her body quaked below me. Her sex clamped down on me as if to tell me to never move again and that only made me thrust into her more and harder. I wanted her high to last longer and for a moment I was able to see her descend into the darkness. I could practically see her mind slipping into the euphoric abyss and it turned me on that much more. I could feel my powerful orgasam crash into me like a tidal wave. My hot member twitched and sprayed her insides with my substance. I was so over taken by the climax I couldn't bring myself to leave her. I laid on top of her, kissing her slightly open mouth. Her bottom lip was captured between my teeth before I pulled away and said,

"Do you belong to me?"

Even in her daze she looked like she wanted to refuse but couldn't deny what she wanted any longer. She reached up to my chest and played with my nipple with her forefinger.

"I'm yours so long as you share your world with me." She smiled.

"Then I hope you're prepared for the depths of darkness in my world. I'm a cruel lover and I show little mercy."

She chuckled.

"I know."

I had finally captured this wild woman. Free and strong, she now belonged to me and I couldn't be more satisfied.

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