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Day 2 ~ Day 6




Drama List ; Episodes; Role:

Sunbae, Don't Put On That Lipstick.

Korean Drama, 2020, 16 eps

Hyun Seung (Main Role)

Find Me in Your Memory

Korean Drama, 2020, 32 eps

Joo Yeo Min [Idol] (Ep. 1) (Guest Role)

Extraordinary You

Korean Drama, 2019, 32 eps

Numer 13 / Ha Ru (Main Role)

Where Stars Land

Korean Drama, 2018, 32 eps

Go Eun Seob (Support Role)

About Time

Korean Drama, 2018, 16 eps

Choi Wi Jin (Support Role)

School 2017

Korean Drama, 2017, 16 eps

Issue / Kang Hyun Il (Support Role)

Click Your Heart

Korean Drama, 2016, 7 eps

Kim Ro Woon (Main Role)

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Aloha. im from Hawaii. i love kpop. and anime! also love sports. family means a lot to me so do my friends. love meet people from all over the world.
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