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It’s vital to plan your wardrobe internals with a combination of long and short hanging space, some drawers plus the right amount of storage for shoes and accessories. When designing the wardrobe internals, you need to consider accessories, handbags, belts, hats, scarves as well as just clothes. It’s important to design the right layout for easy of access. It’s also good to future proof your wardrobe with requirements in the future.

Inspired Elements offer a wide range of internal wardrobe storage systems, from hanger storage to pull out shelves.

Walk-in Wardrobes:

fitted wardrobes

Inspired Elements walk-in wardrobes Liner walk-in not only look impressive but provide you with the most effective use of space. Clothes and accessories displayed on open rails and shelves in a walk-in wardrobe can create the effect of a high-end clothing boutique and items are easier to find.

Keeping wall panels and storage colours neutral allows the various colours of clothes and accessories to be displayed against a neutral colour. Having the right lighting is important in a walk-in wardrobe. Hanging rails with LED lights on the underside can light the hanging clothes.

Walk-in wardrobes mean your clothes need to be kept tidy and clutter free. Many customers opted for a combination of walk-in with some doors and some glass doors from our Linear wood and Linear glass range.

Inspired Elements likes to give a luxurious feeling to every walk-in wardrobe. Our designers recommend coloured upholstered ottomans as a great way to add bold colours and style to a walk-in wardrobe. Creating an island of drawers for items that can be folded and to lay out your accessories in a glass-topped drawer is another great way to add glamour.

Inspired Elements is a London based manufacturer of bespoke furniture for luxury kitchens, fitted wardrobes and living room furniture. We design, manufacture and install Luxury bespoke kitchens and fitted wardrobes made from the finest materials. Using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques we strive to provide elegant designs and precision craftsmanship for any bespoke kitchen and fitted wardrobe requirement. We have extensive experience working with trade developers on projects, interior designers designing bespoke furniture and retail customers via our partner showrooms across London and the UK.
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