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What is Lenvima 10mg?

Lenvima 10mg is an anti-cancer medicine, used for the medication of Thyroid Cancer and several other types of cancers as well. It contains a drug salt called Lenvatinib and its brand name is Lenvima. It is manufactured by a Pharmaceutical company, Eisai Co. Ltd located in Tokyo, Japan.

Usage of Lenvatinib

⦁ Thyroid Cancer

Strength of Lenvatinib

⦁ Lenvima 4mg (20 Capsule in each pack)

Lenvima 10mg Capsule

Alternate Brand of Lenvima:


Lenshil by Shilpa Medicare

Lucilenva by Lucius Pharma

Lenvacent by Incepta Pharma

Lenvaxen by Everest Pharma

How to take Lenvima capsules?

It is only for oral use so it is taken orally, swallow the whole capsule with water and doses and durations as per your doctor prescribed. Don’t chew, crush or split the capsule and not mix it with edible foods or in some liquid materials.

How does Lenvatinib Lenvima works?

Lenvatinib is an anti-cancer medicine, used for the medication of Thyroid Cancer and certain other types of cancer. It works by interfering or slowing the growth of several proteins that support the cancer cells to grow by the virtue of that, it forced to stop the flow of blood to the tumour due to which growth of cancer cells get decreased or stopped.

Side effects of Lanvatinib Capsules

⦁ Diarrhea

⦁ Rash

⦁ Muscle/Joint Pain

⦁ Weight Loss

⦁ Vomiting

⦁ Headache

⦁ Cough

⦁ Swelling

⦁ Hair Loss

⦁ Constipation

⦁ Insomnia etc

So, if any of the above or some other effect occurs in your body immediately inform your doctor before it goes late.

Caution before taking Lenvatinib

Use under the prescription of expert doctors.
Don’t take Lenvima capsules in pregnancy and breastfeeding period because it may affect the growth of the child or may harm the baby with some other way too. In necessary conditions of taking Lenvatinib capsules, consult with the doctor first.
Patients, allergic to Lenvatinib or any other inactive ingredients present in the medicine are not recommended for use without any doctor’s perception.
Don’t chew, split and crush the capsule before swelling it.
Don’t take it with alcohol or some other liquid which is not prescribed by your doctor, it may cause some harm to you. So for that, have some advice with the doctor.
Under 18 years old patients are not recommended for use.

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