How much does it cost to develop a Sports betting app like Bet365?

The online sports betting market is expected to generate $103 billion by 2025. Yes, you read that right. What originated as an entertainment industry, has turned into a major revenue-generating sector. The market is expanding more than ever with people all across the world accessing these apps. Sports betting apps like Bet365 have established their entity in the market. Entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities to venture into this flourishing industry. If you are one among those looking to develop a sports betting app, here’s a blog for you. Let’s discuss the cost to develop the app.

‘Your requirements determine the development cost’

Various factors are attributing to the cost of developing a sports betting app. They include,

Features of the app:Features of the app:

The number of platforms:The number of platforms:

Design of the app:Design of the app:

These are some of the popular factors that impact the development cost of a Bet365 like app development.

Summing up,

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