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Court Marriage in Pakistan;

“Court Marriages Acts”

The basics of human nature and ethical values of all societies are almost the same; therefore, public acceptance of court marriage in pakistan is far lesser than that of traditional and religious marriages. No society likes to keep marriages secret.

If we analyze the situation, we find that a court marriage in pakistan is contracted when one or both parties to the marriage either could not get the consent of their parents or they fear they will not be allowed to marry each other. The situation can also arise thanks to different social or economic stature of the 2 families. Differences of religious sects, customs or even enmity and bad blood between the two families may also cause such issue and it leads the parties to solemnize their marriage against the will and wishes of their families. So, the boy and the girl decide to elope and reach the court to get married.

Court marriage in pakistan

For court marriage, verification of age and other particulars, the male and female have to provide the copies of their Passports, CNICs or other documents as proof that they have attained the age of 18 years. If they don’t have documentary proof of their age then they must swear affidavits that they have attained the age of Majority/Puberty.

Court Marriage

That after scrutiny of the specified documentation their Nikah/Court Marriage are going to be performed and registered within the concerned union council. The Nikah Registrar will prepare and issue Nikah Nama and therefore the Secretary of Union Council will issue a Computerized Marriage Certificate.

court marriage

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