How Google Core Update Of May 2020 Affect The Websites?

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What to expect?

This Google core update revolves around the development in the search trend due to the effect of the pandemic. Any content having relation with Coronavirus has been and is staying in the limelight. It is observed that using term coronavirus in the content is increasing the organic traffic of the website. Associating the content with the pandemic has affected website traffic drastically, as this single topic has continued to remain the most searched topic around the globe.

Digital Marketing

What SEO Company USA has to do?

No violation or manual/ algorithmic action

It is very crucial to understand that those websites which have experienced suffered loss in position and traffic haven’t violated any guidelines or undergone any action. Updates are launched to improve the quality of search results, due to which lower rank websites may come at the top or vice-versa.

Quality on offer

In times when the traffic and positions fluctuate tremendously, properly drafted content with originality tends to remain afloat at the top positions. Larger is the copied content, down goes the organic reach. The content should be drafted such that flow, as well as fluency, is maintained, with titles and sub-title design being closely related to the content.

Competitive assessment

Content that meets and satisfies the demands and requirements of the online users, eventually find a way to the top ranks. Such content offers large chunks of information as well as value to the reader in comparison with their peers.


A top-ranked content is always devoid of any type of grammatical mistake, or error. Also, the content should be able to establish a strong sense of trust in the mind of the reader, and then only it will be able to secure its top position.


Content that stays amongst the top has a very influential and appealing tone. Furthermore, such content is made after thorough and extensive research with emphasis given to every aspect. Such content is devoid of several troublesome ads and has a subtle usage of comprehensible words. The biggest forte of such content is that they have an equal appeal on every device platform they are accessed.

Total rollout

In event of such updates, firms have to comprehend that the overall impact of the update an only be assessed after the update has been rolled out completely. Taking a major decision when the impact is uncertain may result in unexpected losses to be borne by the firm. Hence, after confirmation of complete rollout, any major decision can be taken after proper analysis.

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