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When it comes to finding a reliable company that provides quality car repair services and products, just visit JCR Tire & Auto Repair. Established in 1960, this is a family-run garage known for its professionalism, excellent customer service, quality of the work, as well as affordability. The founder shares his knowledge with customers and aims to leave them happy and satisfied with the results. Rest assured that JCR Tire & Auto Repair uses the best parts and equipment currently on the market. So you can be 100% sure that you are receiving the best services available today. The professionalism and fast solutions are what sets them apart from the rest. Whenever you deal with this team, you can be sure you are in safe hands as the needed maintenance will be provided to you in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time. Hurry up to book your next maintenance appointment and call the technicians anytime you need.

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Offering a wide range of services, these licensed technicians are also ready to offer you Oil Change service in Kamloops. This is one of the services that almost all drivers need on a regular basis. JCR Tire & Auto Repair makes sure your vehicle gets the right type of oil at an affordable price. Once you contact these technicians, they will recommend you the best type of oil suitable for your personal needs. Thanks to such Oil Change service in Kamloops, your engine will perform at its best and with no difficulty at all. Have your vehicle’s oil change done by this professional team and call this team today to discuss your next oil change.

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