Financial Planner is an Important Asset to an Organization

The sustaining, as well as the growth of an organization, depends entirely on the financial resources available with that company. Hence it is really important that the flow of finances in that organization is clearly monitored as well as recorded. Financial accounting, as well as a thorough analysis of the finances of the company, is really important while planning the future business endeavors of that company. The person who is responsible for the financial facet of any organization is called a financial planner. Some other designations that he is also known by are the financial accountant or a financial analyst.

The main responsibilities of a financial planner are to keep a tack on all the financial transactions regarding the company, recording it, organizing it, ratifying it in a comprehensive manner, and then presenting it to the concerned people in the organization. A financial planner keeps a close watch on the liabilities of the company as well as his equity and thereby helping the management in taking decisions regarding the future of the business.

A financial planner is a person who has all the information regarding the financial situation of the company and thus is liable to provide the information that would have a larger bearing on the overall situation of the company. Every time the company or rather the management of the company is making plans regarding the growth, investment, or any other development concerning the company, it is the financial report prepared by the financial planner that they rely upon.

A Financial Planner is also Responsible for Providing Information like:

- What are the resources available with the company?

- How the available resources are being handled financially?

- Every minute detail regarding the profits made by the company as well as the losses suffered

- The bearing of all the financial decisions on the numerous business plans of the company

A financial planner might be working with a business house or he might prefer to work with individual clients. He might also play the role of an advisor to people and different organizations.

What's the difference between Financial Planners and Accountants

The difference between financial planners and accountants are tricky to explain in the sense that an accountant can also provide a client with some financial planning advice without necessarily having taken any extra formal training in financial planning outside of what is already included in the training needed to become a certified accountant.

As a certified public accountant one is able to provide a whole slew of services with basic financial planning being one of them. If you’re trying to decide whether you should hire one or the other the choice really comes down to your preference since an accountant is qualified to work as your financial planner and give you the sound financial advice and planning tools that you need as long as your needs are fairly straightforward and basic.

You can also consider a Personal Financial Specialist which is a CPA that has undergone extra training and a formal exam in order to offer more financial planning services. If you’re looking for a financial planner for your business then you may want to seek out an accountant who has received additional training in the area of financial planning. These are called Certified Financial Planners who have received additional training on top of their accounting education and certification.

financial planning

At the end of the day, which one you choose really just depends on the complexity of your planning needs. All are qualified to an extent and able to assist you with the solutions needed for a sound financial future.

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