Commercial Disinfection: The Only Way to Limit the Spread of Covid-19

If you own a business that's still operating, then you already know about the threat of COVID-19. But while you may have stepped up your cleaning routine, you won't be able to reduce the risk of the threat without commercial cleaning services.

commercial sanitizing services

Routine Wiping Is Not Enough

Perhaps you have your own cleaning products and have dedicated some staff time to cleaning common surfaces and shared spaces. That's a good idea to keep everything looking clean and smelling fresh. However, the truth is that you've skipped a vital step of disinfection.

You may think you've eliminated the threat of the virus from wiping down everything with cleaning products, but the COVID-19 virus can survive and thrive though this step. You need to go further and reduce the risk with disinfection, which is not easily done by a non-professional. The disinfectant needs to be applied in a consistent, uniform way and left to dry properly to be effective.

Disinfecting Is a Key Step

There's also the problem of using an effective disinfectant. While you're looking up “commercial cleaning and sanitizing services near me” on the internet, make sure the company you choose has a firm understanding of the disinfecting process. Some companies use disinfecting power spraying and wiping, but others have stepped up by turning to wet/dry fogging that uses microscopic droplets to get into hard to reach places that could harbour the virus.

Along with countertops and other hard surfaces you normally clean, the fogging method can help get rid of the lingering virus on walls, ceilings and even ducts.

What's more is that if you use commercial cleaning services that also are an expert in disinfection, they will use products that are certified to be safe and effective. For example, fogging uses a solution containing hypochlorous acid that has been deemed harmless for humans, and can even be used on electronics.

Not All Commercial Sanitizing Services Also Disinfect

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by believing that a thorough cleaning is the only answer to limiting the spread of COVID-19 – but it's an important first step for disinfection.

While searching “commercial cleaning and sanitizing services near me” on the internet can turn up many results, you should find out if the company specifically has a plan to tackle the virus.

Finding the Right Professional Cleaners Who Know What They’re Doing

As we mentioned earlier, basic cleaning is not enough. Professional cleaners are now being trained to handle cleaning and disinfecting needs for the ‘new normal’. Deep cleaning and disinfection will be encouraged in the near future and do it right you need the help of experts. They can take the right steps to clean, sanitize and disinfect based on the guidelines from Public Health Ontario to safeguard your employees from harmful pathogens.

Besides hiring cleaning experts, you can also consider the following when employees start returning to work:

1. Limiting the number of people at one time in high-traffic areas such as common rooms and kitchens

2. Following the right public health guidelines when conducting self-cleaning for office spaces

3. Deep clean and disinfectant as per standards set by public authorities

To learn more about Arelli Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services that will effectively target germs and viruses, contact Arelli Cleaning.

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