Whiplash OMPS Deluxe Edition by Justin Hurwitz

위플래쉬가 다시 돌아왔네요. CD와 LP 둘다 나왔길래 망설임없이 LP로 데려왔습니다...

01 [Side A] Snare Liftoff (I Want To Be One Of The Greats) 02 Overture 03 Too Hip To Retire 04 Whiplash 05 Upswingin' 06 Rehearsal Medley: First Nassau Band Rehearsal / Second Nassau Band Reh 07 Caravan 08 [Side B] What's Your Name (If You Want The Part, Earn It) 09 Practicing 10 Invited 11 Call From Dad 12 Accident 13 Hug From Dad 14 Drum & Drone 15 Carnegie 16 Ryan / Breakup 17 Drum Battle 18 Dismissed 19 Good Job (He Was A Beautiful Player)

01 [Side C] Intoit 02 No Two Words 03 When I Wake 04 Casey's Song 05 Fletcher's Song In Club 06 Keep Me Waiting 07 Fletcher's Song 08 When I Wake (Reprise) 09 Upswingin' (Bad Drumming) 10 Caravan (Bad Drumming) 11 [Side C] Fletcher's Song In Club (Halder Flip) 12 Overture (Opiuo Remix) 13 Caravan (Timo Garcia Remix) 14 New York City And You 15 Came To Win 16 Fletcher's Song (Dowork Remix) 17 Casey's Song (Tao of Groove Remix)

OMPS이지만 제겐 여느 재즈 명반 못지않게 다가옵니다...

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