Top Family Tourist Destinations in Costa Rica to Visit

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Nicoya Peninsula

Jaco Costa Rica vacation packagesknow where to stay in Jaco Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano


It was dormant for more than a century and only awoke from its inactive state in 1968. It started with a thunderous earthquake then followed by a massive explosion of the larva, which wiped out three villages in the nearby area. The frequent explosions continued until 2010 when it became inactive again. You can have unobstructed views from February to April since much of it is concealed with a thick fog during other months.



Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park is a 160 square mile of misty rainforest that is endowed with diverse wildlife. The verdant jungle is also home to buzzing insects and different species of birds that can be heard chirping from far. You are also likely to come across jaguars, macaws, tapirs, and howler monkeys during one of your trips along the hazy trails. The best time to visit during the day is between 7 to 9 am for better wildlife sightings. If you are tired of hiking, your family can also visit one of the best hot-sand beaches in the area.

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