Egg White Protein: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

What is Egg White Protein?


How is Egg White Protein Made?

The white portion of an egg can be supplemented with egg white protein powder that is made from dehydrating the clear part of an egg. The whites of the egg are first dehydrated and then processed into a super fine powder. Once dehydrated, the product goes through a pasteurization process to remove the risk of salmonella and to inactivate the protein called avidin.

Egg White Protein vs. Whey Protein

whey protein

Both egg and whey protein contain all the essential amino acids that the body needs to function, including amino acids that the body doesn’t produce naturally. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and tissue. When comparing the amount of protein found in one serving of egg white and whey protein, one serving of it contains approximately 24 grams of protein, while whey protein has about 20-30 grams of protein.

Carbohydrates, Fats and Calories

Whey protein tends to have a higher amount of carbohydrates per serving because it is made from dairy products. It is possible to take hydrolyzed whey, which typically has the same amount of carbs as egg white protein.

The fat content of it is close to zero, and whey protein supplements are usually about four grams per serving. Both egg white and whey protein contain about 120 to 130 calories.

Some egg white proteins can contain as much as three times the amount of cholesterol than that of whey, which is about 15 grams per serving. It is also possible to get egg white protein powder that is cholesterol-free.

Whey protein isolate

Benefits of Egg White Protein

Repairs and Builds Muscle

It is high in protein, which the body needs to repair and build muscle. This makes it an excellent product for bodybuilding and weight loss.

Helps with Weight Loss

Egg white protein can help with weight loss by building lean muscle mass and expediating muscle repair post-workout or after an injury. It is an excellent way to satiate the appetite, helping you to feel fuller after a meal. Studies show that women who increased their protein to 30% of calories consumed led to a reduction of 441 fewer calories daily, which led to an 11-pound loss in 12 weeks.

Cholesterol and Fat-Free

amino acids

High in Minerals and Vitamins


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Side Effects of Egg White Protein



Salmonella Poisoning

Adverse side effects from eating it can include salmonella poisoning. Egg whites are pasteurized to eliminate salmonella bacteria when they are made into a supplement form.


Eggs naturally have a protein call avidin, which binds to biotin. When the protein binds to biotin, it can stop your body from absorbing it, which can lead to a deficiency of biotin. When egg white powder is produced, it is depleted of avidin. Unlike eating regular eggs, egg white powder does not pose the risk of avidin and salmonella.

How to Use Egg White Protein

Supplementing with it daily is an excellent way to increase the amount of protein in your diet, build muscle mass or lose weight. Taking the powder before a meal will make you feel fuller and therefore help with weight loss. Moreover, taking egg white protein powder before and during your exercise routine helps to build muscle, increases muscle repair and reduces soreness after exercise.

Dosage of Egg White Protein

egg white protein powder

The Bottom Line

Egg white protein is also known as the albumin of the egg and contains the highest amount of protein in the egg. It also contains high levels of minerals and vitamins, and has zero calories. Egg yolk, however, contains high levels of cholesterol and fat, making egg white protein powder a healthier alternative than regular eggs. Egg white protein powder has several benefits, including building and repairing muscle and helping with weight loss.

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