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Data released last Wednesday by the world’s leading data analytics platform Sensor Tower showed that the total number of downloads of Jiyin and TikTok in the global App Store and Google Play exceeded 2 billion, a record high.


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In response, Craig Chapple, mobile strategist at Sensor Tower, commented


01.Users spend a lot of money.

With the huge increase in downloads, TikTok’s revenue can no longer be described as rising, it can be said to be drowning in a sea of money: to date, users have spent about $456.7 million on TikTok, compared to $175 million five months ago.

Among them, the United States, despite being the third largest market with 165 million downloads, is the most boozy overseas user group, contributing $86.5 million in revenue to TikTok, accounting for nearly one-fifth of total revenue. Of course, it’s still the Chinese who spend the most money, reaching $331 million, accounting for more than 70 percent of Jitter’s total revenue.

In contrast, Indians, while downloading aggressively, with 611 million downloads accounting for a third of the total – more than three times as many as second-place China (196.6 million) – are not spending aggressively, with none of the top three in the revenue contribution list.

02.Where’s the strength?

For a Chinese app that was only launched in the international market in 2017, how did TikTok achieve such an impressive result? Why does TikTok dwarf other apps when many app downloads increased dramatically during the epidemic?

TikTok was originally derived from ShakeTok, both of which are known for their user-generated viral short videos. The more leisure time users have, the more bored users and the more users who are happy to share, the more opportunities these two apps have.

Over the past few months, the global epidemic has hit revenue and knocked out a large number of companies, but for Jiyin and TikTok, it’s been an opportunity that’s been lost: more than 3.3 billion people in more than 100 countries around the world are staying at home, and the demand for entertainment, online shopping, and more is surging, providing them with a huge potential user base.

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03.A great success in the United States.

In the U.S. market, TikTok didn’t enter for long, with its official debut in 2018. Byte Jump acquired US app Musical.ly in 2017 and closed the company a year later, merging it into TikTok.

Many companies and startups in the U.S. have tried to compete with TikTok several times, but none have reached its popularity, and TikTok continues to expand to this day.

In the first quarter of this year, TikTok had 26% more downloads than WhatsApp, the second most popular app in the world behind it (with nearly 250 million downloads). During the same period, Facebook had 186.1 million downloads and Instagram had 151.8 million downloads.

Teenagers and young Americans in their twenties love TikTok the most.

According to US survey data, Tiktok is not only surprising to young Americans in terms of user growth, with daily user growth of up to 50% in the past six months, the more surprising figure is the user browsing time, users over the age of 18 years old cumulative browsing time of up to 858 minutes per month, meaning a single user watching more than 13 hours per month….

TikTok also has a live stream feature that allows viewers to instantly post comments on the video, and these comments are a great way to keep many people entertained and enjoying themselves.

All in all, TikTok is a software that defies tradition and is characterized by entertainment, goofiness, and super interactivity.

It also has an unusual pattern of creation. Users who want to post content are immediately recruited into group challenges and hashtags, or given some popular songs to use as fodder. The threshold for sending short videos is low and the risk is low, a large number of viewers seem to be within reach, and even if you are just in, it is possible to get very high attention and likes.

With this epidemic, many people made TikTok short videos, some of which inspired a large number of video retweets, greatly boosting software downloads.

For example, in a crowded bathroom, five people are huddled in a stain-filled bathtub singing to each other’s lips. A family of four performs a dance in a suburban garden.

There are also some videos directly related to the epidemic. For example, a man whose father is dying. Someone was dancing in the empty ward. And below, a group of nurses dancing.

For teens bored at home, TikTok replaces the functionality of public social spaces such as classrooms and sports arenas, satisfying their need for newness and innovation. For adults, TikTok has replaced traditional social places such as bars and cafes as one of the great tools to dispel boredom in isolation.

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For others who lost their jobs, becoming a Jitterbug celebrity became a career, says 24-year-old Akafi Ali, “I want to be a content creator and make people laugh.” He quit his job as a cashier to pursue his TikTok dream. He goes to great lengths to taunt in the video: “Everyone goes to the supermarket to grab toilet paper! Are you guys serious? Wash with water when you run out of paper!”

Akafi Ali also said that if you upload a video, it’s possible to get 100,000 views in the first hour. This huge click-through volume perfectly satisfies the psychological need of young people craving attention.

A number of nurses, teachers and medical professionals have also started using TikTok as a way to inform the public about appropriate safety measures. There are also people showing cooking, floristry, makeup, games, music, movies, tutorials, etc., with a wide variety of content.

Last Thursday, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot donned her dancing shoes that morning to announce the city’s first-ever virtual citywide high school graduation ceremony, hosted by renowned talk show host Oprah Winfrey. The city’s 25,000 seniors in public high schools and thousands of students in private schools missed out on events such as proms and graduations because of the outbreak.

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