What to do When He Hates Your Dog (or Vice Versa)

Guy meets dog. Dog bites guy. Woman has to figure out what to do. When your guy and your dog don’t get along, you basically have three options: play the peace maker, get rid of the dog or get rid of the guy. Playing the Peace Maker Jealousy may be at the root of the dog-guy problem. Your dog is used to getting all of your attention, and now he has to share it with some dude. Your guy may want you to focus solely on him, yet he’s competing with your long-beloved dog. Having what I call “Cuddle Hugs” can help, where all three of you get in a kind of pile and hug, cuddle and love each other. You can also switch off between focusing on your guy and focusing on your dog, making sure each gets his equal share of your attention. Draw the line at intimate relations, of course, and keep the dog out of the bedroom when applicable. Getting the two to bond on their own level can also help. This way the dog sees the guy as a pal and not a threat. The same holds true for the guy. Encourage them to play, romp and go on walks without you. Getting Rid of One or the Other For many dog lovers, relinquishing your pooch in favor of a man would be unthinkable. Dogs are smart critters with built-in sensors that can often recognize when people are bad. Your dog may growl the first time he meets your guy, but if he keeps it up for no apparent reason even after the two try to make peace, you might have a mean man on your hands. Relinquishing your guy in favor of your dog can also seem kind of harsh. Figuring out why your guy hates your dog can help shape your decision. - If he hates the breed: Tell him to get over it. - If he hates dogs or animals in general: Be forewarned that animal haters can be some really nasty people. - If he hates the fact that you won’t go anywhere without your dog glued to your side: Maybe you want to rethink your obsessive attachment to your pooch. Also keep in mind where true loyalty lies. Guys may come and go, fall out of love or otherwise leave you. A dog is your best friend for life.

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