Tattoo Artist Digitally Tattoos Celebrities

Some of us love tattoos and some of us hate them, but Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall has come up with an interesting way of making them more popular – by Photoshopping them onto the skins of famous people throughout history. Have you ever wondered what an inked-up Johnny Cash or Audrey Hepburn might look like? Randall’s images features these and other greats baring all and showing off their digitally altered tattoos. While the tattoos might look overdone or strangely out of place on some, many of these characters look like they definitely could’ve (and should’ve) rocked some ink. For more, be sure to check out Randall’s Tumblr. Source: (via) 1) Bryan Cranston 2) Marilyn Monroe 3) John Lennon 4) Johnny Cash 5) Winona Ryder 6) Jack Nicholson 7) Barack Obama 8) Mick Jagger 9) Mark Twain 10) Bruce Lee

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