Points to Keep in Mind Before Ordering U-Tip Hair Extensions

A u-tip hair extension is a type of pre-bonded hair extension that comes with keratin resin. It's one of the most popular types in the market especially with those who are looking for semi-permanent extensions. That's because unlike clip-ins, these extensions won't easily slide off while combing or shampooing your hair. Thus, you can wear them longer—for up to several months.

U-tip hair extensions are also great options for those who have fine hair and cannot bear the weight of micro rings or I-tips. They are lighter and easier to remove. They are gentler on your hair too. The keratin glue on their tips are proteins that are actually good for your natural hair, reducing breakage and improving appearance.

Interested in these products? Before ordering your u-tip hair extensions, there are several things you should keep in mind, including the following:

Application procedures

U-tip hair extensions are fitted strand by strand with the use of a heat connector. This will melt the keratin and fuse the hair strand to your natural hair's root. Take note that the application takes a few hours, and that you definitely need a professional hairdresser or somebody else to fit the extensions for you. So if you are looking for extensions that are easy to apply, u-tips may not be the right choice.

Protection from hair damage

Although the heating tool for u-tip hair extensions only use a fraction of the heat a flat iron creates, you still have to be careful with it. In the same way, you have to be cautious in removing the extensions with acetone solution as it can be harsh on your natural hair, roots, and scalp. This is especially true if you have fragile hair. For this reason, employing the service of a professional is even more necessary.

Available in different colours and shades

u-tip hair extensions

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