Marriage Prediction time in astrology: Easy Method to Know Exact age & date

Ensure Your Marriage Life with accurate Marriage Prediction free reports. Know about How to Marry a perfect partner with Free Marriage prediction by date of birth. Find accurate Marriage Predictions about your Marital Life. At last Get an overview of Free Marriage Prediction in Hindi by date of birth.

Marriage is not only the Union of 2 souls but also a significant for 2 existing families and then 2 future dynasties. Another factor is that with the literate status of females in society, the overall perception of marriage has become totally different. The society is no longer a male-dominated society. Therefore, Marriage astrology in Vedic Astrology has all the answers related to marriage when, how, and married life afterward.

Are you worried about when will I get married? At What age will I get married? Why is my marriage getting delayed? Will my married life be successful? Who is my perfect match? Get answers to your every marriage prediction questions as per your marriage horoscope. we are here to solve all your marriage problems and guide you to perfect married life by using our Marriage date Prediction Calculator!

Some Myths

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But Remember the Method explained below is for first Marriage.

How to Know the Time of Second Marriage

Marriage Astrology by date of birth

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Planets & Houses Responsible for Marriage Astrology

Early and delay marriage depends upon the planets located in the horoscopes. Jupiter plays a key role in the horoscope of female natives for cheerful married life.

If Jupiter and 7th house lord is well placed and has a good aspect, peaceful marriage can be predicted.

The 2nd house should be free from affliction

On the other hand, Venus is the significator of Male natives. If Venus and 7th lord is well placed and having good aspects, good quality of marital life is possible.

12th house

Role of Navamsa chart in Marriage Prediction by date of birth and Time

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free navamsa chart prediction for marriage


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