Finding The Honey In Honeymoon Lingerie

Imagine the scene: Your bedroom is illuminated with the smoldering glow of a hundred scented candles, you have soft music playing in the background, the champagne is cooling, and you've covered the bed in rose petals and teensy-weensy heart formed chocolates (OK, cut the chocolates, they might get messy unless you consume them initially!).

Feeling luxuriously languid in your silk negligee, you lounge against the bedroom door, caressing the door jamb like it's a small fluffy puppy. A gentle consumption of breath ... Yes, you've attracted his attention and he turns slowly to eye you from top to toe. "Could you turn the music down, love? I can't hear the video game.".

Now if this was your honeymoon, I 'd be taking a look at the pre-nup by now. However the good news is (or hopefully, whichever is the case) this scenario may well be what you'll pertain to anticipate down the track if you don't keep your own on the ball (so to speak!).

Since sadly gals, unless you are among the infinitesimal number of lucky females who discovers herself with a really-truly romantic kinda guy, it's up to us to keep the spice in the hot pot we call love. And certainly the time to put those ingredients on to boil is during your honeymoon.

Whoever said "If love is blind, then why is lingerie so popular?" definitely understood what he (or she) was talking about. Your honeymoon is that weird hiatus between the fairytale of your wedding day and the soap-opera that will become real married life. It's a time to be familiar with each other - thoroughly.

And that, my friends, is why honeymoon lingerie is among the most effective and popular items currently bought on the Internet. And I stated "purchased', not "ogled at"!

Young women in their droves are searching online honeymoon lingerie sites looking for that one special item (or maybe more if your heart and wallet desires) that may get your man to take his hands off the push-button control and on to you.


Similarly, you don't want to permanently damage the fragile mind of your romantic-at-heart if you appear on Day 2 of your honeymoon in your pilled and tattered trakky. He's going to question if he married his Juliet or a grunge-band junkie.


" New bride-to-bes are ending up being color mindful - acquiring lingerie in a rainbow of colors is the trend. We are seeing honeymooners purchase hot, gorgeous and timeless underwear for their "big day" and "afterwards", not restricting themselves to the standard white or black any more," says Jeanine Brown from the cool and fashionable online lingerie store" Aqua and red were the most popular colors this past season and pale greens, lilacs and soft baby pinks are currently popular.".

So, there you have it. From hot, stylish cropped tops and boy-leg shorts, to the glamour of a silk peignoir; from cheeky, flirty baby-dolls to the sultry seductiveness of black teddies, honeymoon lingerie offers you a lot of choices, it would take a strong woman to stop at one. However then you did select simply one marital relationship partner, so now all you need to deal with is that remote ...

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