Power BI Basics: Getting Started with Power BI Series

There are many “How To” videos on Power BI but sometimes a quick overview of an end to end process can be helpful at the outset.  Once the outline of the whole process has been understood (without detail at every stage) it is then possible to plan how your business should approach Power BI and which personnel should be involved at which stage.  The purpose of this Power BI Basics series is to provide that quick overview so you can direct resources and plan the introduction of Power BI to your company.

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When first working with Power BI it helps to know what tools are available and how the licensing works.  

This section is to provide information on:

1.Power BI Desktop

2.Power BI Service

3.Licence Levels

4.Further tools

Power BI Desktop

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1. Connect to data

2. Transform, model and import data

3. Design reports

It is typical that a developer will use the Power BI Desktop to generate a dataset and report.  Once completed this is then published to Power BI Service.

Power BI Service

This app is available through Office 365 and can be accessed via Power BI sign in page.  Using the Power BI Service it is possible to develop Power BI reports from scratch however there is a limitation on the data sources, therefore the Power BI Desktop is used in most scenarios. Within the Power BI Service it is possible to:

1.Create a dashboard

2.Share a dashboard

3.Access Apps

Apps were previously known as Content Packs.  They are predefined templates for some standard business applications.  For example, Google Analytics, Dynamics 365 for Sales etc.

Further Tools

The two applications listed above are the starting points when working with Power BI.  As the requirements develop further, other applications/services may come into play.  For example:

On Premises Data Gateway

This is only required if published reports are set to reload and pull data from an on premises data source.  It can only be used with Power BI Pro licence and above.  It is expected that this service is installed on a server within the company domain and that the server is running 24/7.

Power BI Mobile

There is a Windows Phone app available as well as one for Android and IOS.

Power BI Report Server

This would only be used if running with Power BI Premium and publishing reports on premise.

Power BI for Excel

Working with Excel files in which analysis is already established.

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