Easy Safety Steps to Lockout Procedures


Training and educating the employee

One of the utmost steps in the lockout procedures is education, and that’s why you must give it a priority. Fundamentally, education shouldn’t be a onetime training session but rather consistent learning. Normally, plans and procedures should be regularly assessed all year round with every worker and visitor. This is the ultimate way of keeping everyone safe from injuries.

Identify the sources of energy from the utilities


Identify specific energy stored on the machine to be serviced

Basically, machines possess hidden risks in the sort of energy stored. Simply look for potential energy stored and take the right step to protect people against unexpected release. Samples of these might be;

1. Raised blades or loads

2. Pressure lines for gas or steam

3. Coiled springs

4. Charged capacitor

You’ll not be able to lock out the machine safety until when you address all the potential risks.

Power-down sequence evaluation

Usually, the way you shut down machines is essential. If you do it the wrong way, the chances are that it might initiate a risky situation.

Turn off all the power control



Having a safe working environment is essential to not only boosting the company’s productivity but also protecting your employees and visitors. So whenever you think of safety lockout procedures, be sure to implement the steps mentioned above. You can still go ahead performing maintenance, turn control back off, and clear test off control for more security.

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