How Intranet Helps Increase Employee Engagement

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Sharing and Accessing Information

One of the easiest ways to increase employee engagement is by providing reasons for employees to visit the corporate intranet. Intranet’s strong suit is storing important documents. As a repository, all pivotal data of the organization is kept in one place. For this reason, employees will have no other choice than to log onto the intranet and find what they’re looking for.

Employers can also use intranet for posting latest updates and announcements. CEO can post weekly or monthly news or relevant information. Business world is highly unpredictable and many sudden changes happen. Teams and departments are more engaged and productive if they receive timely updates.

Rewarding and Recognizing

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Meanwhile, if managers use the intranet as a distribution channel and post the announcement, it will receive all attention it deserves. This action promotes company values, sets an example of how all employees should behave, and establishes a culture of recognition and appreciation. If the announcement receives any reactions and attracts comments, the problems with employee engagement are slowly fading away.

Connecting and Collaborating

Getting employees to attend corporate events, interact with members of other departments, and show initiative is often a futile endeavor. More so, if they aren’t passionate about their job and sharing the company vision. However, with intranet, workplace activities are centralized and all employees connected. It is a true digital reflection of the work environment. Employees can comment, discuss, share ideas, opinions, invitations, and attend virtual events. Also, they can work on projects together, just like they normally would in the real workplace. By connecting all employees and encouraging collaboration, intranet successfully boosts employee engagement. When the employees are truly engaged, they become more invested in the workplace activities.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is beneficial in so many areas, and business is one of them. However, feedback is a two-way street. For it to be fully effective, employers and employees should be ready to both give and receive feedback. Employing this technique builds and maintains trust between managers and employees. It also helps improve and develop professionally. Employees get the feeling they are taken seriously and their effort matters. No matter positive or negative feedback, it resonates among employees and increases their engagement.

Enhancing Company Culture

company culture

Measuring Engagement

Measuring employee engagement is a highly demanding task. HR has divided opinions on which aspects of employee experience should be measured in the first place. While some analyze employee happiness, others are interested in general work satisfaction. Regardless of the selected aspect, one of the two procedures will be applied. Either interviews or quarterly or annual surveys. Luckily to employers, intranet is the perfect platform for measuring engagement. How much they engage in the workplace is clearly visible from their interaction and contribution to the corporate intranet. Keeping a close eye on internal communication can tell a lot about employees and their participation. Reading between the lines helps understand where problems come from and how to resolve them. As a result, enforcing employee engagement strategy is more efficient.

On the whole, these are just some of the ways the intranet can help with employee engagement. Employers should bear in mind that the intranet may not solve all problems immediately. However, its careful and strategic application brings effective results in the long run.

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