You Who Came From The Stars : The Breakout Stars

When a drama is popular, many of the actors who appear in it enjoy a boost in star power. That certainly was the case with the extraterrestrial romance "You Who Came From The Stars." From actors just starting out to those who may soon have more casting options, here are a few actors whose careers got a boost: Ahn Jae Hyun: Playing Chun Song Yi's brother was his first drama role but due to the positive attention it generated, the model-turned-actor is now going to be one of the emcees for "M! Countdown." Park Hae Jin: The actor originally signed on to play the villain in "You Who Came From The Stars" but instead wound up playing the devoted boyfriend. He's not exactly a newbie as he won praise last year for his role in "My Daughter Seo Young." But the boyfriend role has really added to his star power. He is already preparing for his next role in the drama "Doctor Stranger" with Lee Jong Suk. Shin Sung Rok. The actor has several films and dramas and a lot of musical theater on his resume. Usually known for his songs and his smile, he nailed the sociopath Lee Jae Kyung. This year he will appear in the musical "The Sun King" but it's easy to see more villain roles in his future. Some of the actors in "You Who Came From The Stars" should not be considered breakout stars because they were already popular. But their popularity has only increased thanks to the show's success. Yoo In Na: The actress has been acting since she was 16 and already snagged a leading role in the drama "Queen Inhyuns Man." In that historical time travel drama, she played an actress playing "Queen Inhyun." In "You Who Came From The Stars," her character endorsed a variety of beauty products. This week the actress becomes the new host of Get It Beauty, a program about fashion and beauty trends. On the program, she will review cosmetic products. Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun were already mega stars but their appearance in the drama has only increased their Hallyu status in China. Jun Ji Hyun was the most searched personality on Weibo this week and Kim Soo Hyun was the 10th. Thanks to the drama, Jun Ji Hyun is now probably an even bigger Hallyu star in China than her character Chun Song Yi was.

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