Five Reasons Why You Should Watch “God’s Gift - 14 Days"

"God's Gift - 14 Days" just started but already there are at least five reasons you should watch this quick paced time travel melodrama. Here is why you may want to fit this drama into your viewing schedule: 1. Lee Bo Young. She's last year's Daesang winner for her roles in "My Daughter Seo Young" and "I Hear Your Voice. Her portrayal of successful TV writer Kim Soo Hyun in this drama is so different from her portrayal of prosecutor Jang Hye Sung in "I Hear Your Voice." Kim Soo Hyun is a perfectionist, a woman who is driven to succeed, which is good in the workplace but may not make you the best or kindest mom. Lee Bo Young is such a good actress, that it's easy to identify with her all the while knowing that her parenting skills need some help. 2. The appealingly expressive child actress Kim Yoo Bin plays Han Saet Byul, Kim Soo Hyun's daughter. Han Saet Byul is sweetly compassionate and boldly independent. While her independence and concern for others are not qualities that a parent might want to completely squash, they do expose her to risk. 3. The rest of the cast. So far, the focus has been on Lee Bo Young and Kim Yoo Bin, but the rest of the cast is excellent too. Jo Seung Woo plays Ki Dong Chan a character you want to hate but you suspect was once a better person. Kim Tae Woo plays Han Ji Hoo, Kim Soo Hyun's husband. He seems like a nice guy but he also has a secret. And then there is Jung Gyu Woon, Soo Hyun's first love. Baro of the band B1A4 gives a subtle performance as Ki Young Gyu, a developmentally disabled boy. It will be interesting to see how this k-drama deals with the subject of developmental disability. 4. Suspense. With its tight writing and editing, the first episode was already quite suspenseful even though none of the characters knew exactly what kind of danger the future held for them. The drama can only become more suspenseful as the stakes become higher. 5. Time travel. If you love a good time travel story, this promises to join "Nine: Nine Time Travels" as one of the most engaging dramatic ones. It's no spoiler to say that Lee Bo Young's character will lose her child. There is no worse tragedy and even without time travel, a mother might torture herself with "what-ifs." But Lee Bo Young's character gets the chance to travel back two weeks in time to see what she could have done to prevent her child's death. In the process, she will have to examine the role her actions played in setting up the circumstances and also the parenting priorities she held so important.

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