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where exactly is it. Its position is usually set at the heart, If it is longitudinally overlapped to the steel plate. Then there needs to be a millimeter overlap and two waterstops should be placed, The above briefly introduces us about the excellent characteristics of the sunshine board and the problems that need to be paid attention to during the application.

And I hope it may bring us certain help( ) Zhangqiu City see-through glass steel roof tiles

rrn which is it.  Some materials of synthetic resin lighting tile models have good construction purposes, when picking-You can combine the outdoor environment and the stipulations used to select more efficient and energy. Saving content, People can enjoy a better total well being indoors. And now many materials are set based on this symptomatic.

Direct use of such tiles can also spend less costs and avoid outside influence- Introduction of anti -

rust Tiles for Seaside Farming Roof.  The salt content of seawater is fairly large, For color steel tiles, It will rot and rust from the nailing in less than a year. which will affect the service life of the plant-PVC anti-, deterioration tiles-any of these anti, Corrosion tiles have better protection against corrosive corporations such as chemical plants in coastal areas, Sea cucumber breeding marketplace, shore zinc plants. for example-these types of anti, Corrosion tiles have acid a level of resistance, Alkali weight, Aging resistance, Salt a level of resistance, Excellent commonalities such as temperature resistance, Fire battle

luxury and convenient installation-anti-deterioration,corrode tile is a corrosion, Resistant material for industrial plant extra-rich in-ability anti, deterioration tile material. So it has a long service life and is key, Due to the particularity of martial arts. the operation of the board is also relatively complicated, extremely, today-The anti --Corrosion tile manufacturers will introduce to you what are the type of material of the anti? deterioration tile-What are the quality of the anti?

rust tile

 - Characteristics of stop

rust tiles.  1

lightweight and high strength- The body of the anti.deterioration,corrode tile is between 1.52, 0 and the thickness is only about 1/4 of the carbon steel, But the tensile strength is close to or even exceeds density of the carbon steel. And the caliber of the hardness is also too hard-Can be balanced with high.

Grade alloy material.  2

Good corrosion challenge,  Anticorrosive tiles have good corrosion amount of resistance, And their materials have good capacity water, The environs, And generally higher levels of alkalis, salts, acids. And distinctive solvents and oils, subsequently, As long as it is important in all aspects of chemical corrosion protection, It can mostly swap wood-un, Ferrous materials, Carbon aluminum.

Stainless steel therefore

 ,  Excellent corrosion resistance function light high weather resistance resin ASA and the main pvc resin have very good corrosion resistance, is not eroded by rain and snow to cause the function to decline, And can resist the corrosion of many harmful chemicals such as acid, Alkali, sodium. and so forth. For several years, for this reason.

It is very suitable for coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and severe the actual environment( ) Zhangqiu City transparent glass steel roof tiles

places is it. 2(Determine the purlin spacing according to the tile shape -The egyptian cotton, Shaped tile space is 660mm750mm), the bigger arc tile spacing is 750mm880mm. and are arranged from bottom to top. 3. The main tile should be installed in reverse depending on local wind direction(Two tiles Lap connecting one wave crest ) the actual overlap of the ridge tiles, Is 80mm width wise. and the other tile pitch is longitudinally overlapped-The lap joint is required to be fixed with self.

tapping bolts at the purlin contact point.  The superior service advantage helps every product operator to succeed-stay on the 'people, driven, Innovative'. give consideration to talent introduction and team building-outstanding anti-Load feature has a good anti, Load work, in the case of 660mm support interval, your weight is increased by 150kg.

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