Here's Why You Should Choose Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a common choice for various types of products, from automotive to outdoor furniture. Many are opting to prefer powder coating over conventional liquid paint because of all the benefits that the coating can offer. Look at the main advantages of using this form of coating, and it's easy to understand why so many today prefer powder coating.

Enhanced Coatings

This form of coating is finer than conventional paint, which ensures that it can last significantly longer. This also ensures that it can maintain the metal underneath much safer from corrosion hazards. In fact, these coatings will continue to look fantastic even after many years. Paint is not always able to guarantee that. This kind of coating is very effective for any weather.

Best for the Environment

Standard solvent-painting processes generate numerous toxic elements that are hazardous to the environment and health. Powder coating is different from that. It doesn't have any of these pollutants, and this immediately makes it the better, greener solution for coatings.

It's cost-effective

The cost is one of the most significant considerations to select this kind of finish. With all the benefits it provides, this is a fairly inexpensive choice for those who do want a high-quality surface. It is also practical for spray systems to recycle up to 98% of the overspray, which can then be reused. This helps to make it a cheaper alternative than most paints. Seeing that it lasts a long time ensures that you don't have to re-spray like you would for ordinary paint.


Another thing to remember is the look, of course. Many materials that have this kind of finish look amazing, and it's possible to choose from an array of different colors, just as you would do with paint. Many firms will even offer custom paints to suit your specific purpose.

Rustylions Powder Coating,

We also perform welding along with outdoor and indoor furniture and railings powder coating and refinishing and support machine shop and manufacturing finishing services. Call us at 347-613-8103/ 973-459-8515 for more information.

Regular driving wear and tear can often leave wheels that look fatigued and damaged. Bumps and scratches, grit and stone chips, and the general deterioration caused by various weather conditions can all affect your wheel condition. Here at Rusty Lions, we offer a full powder coating services for alloy wheels. The service, based at our northern New Jersey, will restore the wheels to their finest, and make them look new.
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