Troubleshooting Guide comcast error rdk-03003

Xfinity is a trading name of Comcast Cable Communications which is the largest ISP in the USA. they have been in business for more than 50 years and also have the second-largest cable network in the world. However, quite recently, a lot of reports have been coming in where users are unable to watch TV using the Xfinity cable and an comcast error rdk-03003“

” is seen while trying to do so.

This Xfinity error prevents the user from streaming Television through the cable entirely and refreshing the cable box bears no fruit. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you with some of the reasons due to which this error might be triggered and give viable solutions to fix the problem.

Ways to fix Xfinity Error Code RDK-03003

Therefor, now that you have an idea about what are the possible causes, you can go through the under-mentioned options to get rid of rdk-03003 error.

Solution 1: Reset The Equipment

It is likely that maybe certain configurations can be damaged which is why the connection isn't getting through. For that, consider resetting the launching process.

First, take out all the connection cables from the TV, internet router and etc. Now, press and so keep the “Power” button of the web Provider, on hold for no less than 30 seconds.

Now put the cables back in their respective slots and then let the web connection come. turn on the TV and try streaming again. Check if xfinity rdk-03003 still show's up or not.

Solution 2: Check Cable Connections

Often times, the cable connections get loose over the course of time. Or it could also be that the cable or the input port is broken . to find out which one is the problem,

Unplug all the connection cable's & then insert them back it, tightly and firmly this time.

Check if the error still come's up or not.

If you have a other HDMI cable, then use that to generate a connection and then check if you get the error or not.
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