Wedding Etiquette 101's, All the Tricky situations covered

When planning a wedding, it’s sometimes tricky to work out the proper wedding etiquette such as when should you be sending out a save the date cards, when should you get your guest to RSVP, how do you let them know that their children aren’t invited? And one of the more sensitive ones is the mentioning of a donation of money or wedding gifts.

In modern times, it’s much more common for couples to already be living together before they tie the knot which means that the traditional gift of essential homewares isn't standard, after all, you don’t want to end up with five types of toasters. For these couples, wishing wells are the perfect alternative as cash is understandably the most useful gift. Wishing wells are a wedding trend that has been popular over the past decade where a gift of money is placed, usually with a card wishing the couple well, into a type of container, box or even an actual ‘well’.

The more traditional wedding etiquette is setting up a wedding registry asking your guest for particular gifts. By creating your own personalized registry, you remove the stressful situation of your guest not knowing what to get you as sometimes finding the perfect wedding gift is no easy task. Though do not be offended if your guest decides to get you a gift that is not in your wedding registry ideas, part of what makes wedding gifts so special is that the people you love most have spent time carefully considering what presents you love.

The wishing well card or the gifts card is often found as a smaller note packed together with the wedding invitation suite and it’s commonly found in the form of a poem. Wording your wishing well tastefully is important as statements about asking for gifts or money can be a touchy issue and can be seen as presumptuous. You want to make sure it’s clear that gifts or a contribution to your wishing well are optional and that you sound thankful. Better yet, send a thank you card including a photo of the wedding and a heartwarming written note to show your appreciation.

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