BLE Wristband Beacon & LoRaWAN Wearables in Covid-19 Contact Tracing Solution

moko contact tracing wearables

Office Safety With LW004 LoRaWAN ® Based Wearables

LW004 series is a LoRaWAN-Based network IoT switch especially created for get in touch with mapping objectives. It is compact, small in size as well as easy to use. This smart gizmo has the ability to scan the incoming information from neighboring BLE beacons. So, it then sends this data to the nearest LoRaWAN gateway. For this reason, the LoRaWAN portal after that transmits this information over to the cloud server. As soon as this data reaches the cloud, it comes from around the world 24/7.

Office Safety And Security With BLE Wristband Beacon

These get in touch with tracing BLE wristbands which go to the pinnacle of our clever as well as ingenious solutions. These have the capacity to detect various other such bands within a series of 2 meters or 6 feet. If someone does not observe the safety and security precautions and violates the minimal safe range of 2 meters or 6 feet then these smart wristbands begin shaking. Thus, you can take effective actions.

Interior GPS Tracking Solutions

It is a reasonably old term but has obtained appeal in recent times. Interior GPS tracking wearables can scan Bluetooth signs which mounted in the workplace as well as map safe areas. So, we can use indoor GPS monitoring for sanitizing infected areas. Indoor GPS monitoring is a really crucial modern technology when it comes to battling the COVID-19.

IoT Smart Entrance

MOKO IoT gateways can connect by using multiple technologies such as Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi. For that reason, they can immediately accumulate information from signs and after that send it over to the remote cloud servers. As a result, it practically makes call mapping COVID-19 possible through employees location.

If you are seeking establishing a practical get in touch with tracing network then these gateways are the suitable fit. This is due to the fact that they can actually match any kind of plug so you can release them anywhere with an electrical connection.

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