Importance of Digital Marketing in Education Industry

Digital marketing is booming.

Even since the Internet has become cheap and easily accessible, businesses have started going digital.

And why not?

There are many benefits associated with digital marketing. Digital marketing is not geographically limited. Also we can measure the performance of our campaigns real-time unlike traditional marketing.

Apart from this, digital marketing is comparatively less expensive. Therefore, it totally makes sense to adapt to digital marketing.

While some businesses are going digital, some are still struggling.

And one of those business categories is educational institutes.

Recently I conducted an online survey regarding the education industry, especially the offline one.

One of the questions was – “ How do you take admission to the class? Which factor plays a crucial role.?”

And guess what?

Google search and Facebook Ads topped the list.

Below that “friends recommendations”.

So it’s crystal clear that the majority of people go online if they want to join a class.

Educational Institutions are missing out on this part. But nothing to worry, in this article I am going to throw light on how they can do digital marketing.

Still with me?

Cool, here we go.

1) Google My Business Account

It’s free. Just sign up for Google My Business account. Within 12-14 days you will receive a letter containing a code by mail. Enter that code to your account and it will get activated. In some cases, you can do these registrations on Phone also. While registering enter the right name, address and contact number of your institute. It’s very important for Local SEO. We call it NAP (Name, Address, and Phone number). Once you filled the information, start posting. Post regularly. Also take reviews from students/parents. Good reviews work as a social proof. Also, Google rates it as an important factor in ranking.

2) Google Ads

online advertising

3)Facebook Ads

lead generation

. However I have observed that many people just do boosting. But remember, boosting is not whole advertising. It’s a small part of it. Just go through the Facebook Ads manager and learn. If you find it complex, simply hire a digital agency. Money spent on such activities is not expenses but investment.

So this is how educational institutes do digital marketing. I was able to write this article, because I have been using these methods for my education clients. And trust me, it’s super-effective.

I hope you find it useful.

Thank you for reading.

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