How To Impress With Cool Smoke Tricks?

For most of the users, smoking is a social activity. After all, it is a great way to enjoy intoxicating fumes of cannabis and share the same with friends. It is not an avenue to share new knowledge about weeds but also, group sessions offer users a company. While with other enthusiasts of cannabis smokers can impress others with the help of some tricks. You can maintain a cool boy status by using a few tricks.

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Every person needs to begin somewhere. To get started, these are the tricks for the beginner that anyone can pull off with least practice.

Ghost Hit: It is also known as the ghost inhale or snap inhale and this one is the easiest trick with which you can begin. It includes pulling off the smoke from the mouth and then sucking it back in rapidly.

How to do this trick?

Take a vapor and remain in your mouth. Do not drag it into the body like lungs as it will lower the effect.

Open half of your mouth and exhale the smoke for around one to two seconds at a slow pace.

When the smoke is still floating and sucks it back in the mouth rapidly. Move your head towards the smoke to grab the smoke easier.

The Dragon: This trick is used to display the most amazing effects visually. As the name indicates, the trick allows the user to transform into a mythical beast that looks for the upcoming prey.

How to do this trick?

Take a big puff of either smoke or vapor. Ensure that it does not go into the body to the lungs.

When keeping the mouth closed and open a small gap on both sides.

Exhale the smoke via the nose and through the gaps between the lips. In different directions, it will provide the dragon effect when blowing the smoke.

For some added effect, sway your head while exhaling to produce a tail effect.

The Waterfall:

How to do this trick?

Fill a bottle with 10-15 ml of water. Freeze for an hour.

Take a long drag of either vapor or smoke and remain in the mouth. Blow smoke slowly into the bottle with the help of frozen water. Dragging has done by the smoker and blowing into the bottle until its fully smoke.

Pour the bottle content over the table and stay mesmerized as the thick and viscous material comes out.

These are the basic tricks that can be easily used.

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