Majority of refrigerators have only a small number of freezer space

Since majority of refrigerators have only a small number of freezer space, many consumers decide to purchase an additional freezer cooler to store frozen foodstuff. A freezer is a good option for preserving copious amounts of food products for long intervals because its extremely cold weather slows down the charge of bacterial growth in food and permits you to store items like meat for months, even several years.

The most popular style of stand-alone freezer is this chest type. However, another option exists called the upright refrigerator. So if you’re planning on purchasing a freezer for ones home or business, here are 3 the reason why the upright kind can be better suited to your requirements:

Floor space

Upright freezers store food vertically which is why they take up less floor space. So if you reside in a small apartment or have limited storage area, an upright freezer is a perfect choice.


Shelves make organizing and finding food in the upright freezer easy letting you view and access objects quickly. They also ordinarily have LED lights that illuminate the interior pertaining to better visibility.


Some upright freezers consist of no frost models so there isn't a need to bend down and hunch over to defrost and clean your freezer. Ice crystals may also be prevented from forming against your food so that its taste and texture are not affected resulting in superior food quality.

So if you feel that an upright freezer is exactly things you require, then let Fujidenzo Household and Commercial Appliances give you some help. Their No Frost Upright vacuum Freezer (NFU-140 SS DF) has an extra-large 14 cu. ft. capacity and offers some sort of dual function technology. Which means your freezer can also be used as being a no-frost refrigerator should you want to do so. It has a digital temperature deal with with automatic lock, DIRECTED lights, and built with durable wire and tempered goblet shelves. It even comes with a bottom drawer crisper for more storage space.

The Fujidenzo No Frost Freezer freezes quickly when using the Quick Freeze Function and has a US style design that may be streamlined and elegant. This durable s / s freezer also offers a new 2-year warranty on parts and 5-year warranty about the compressor.

Available in most leading appliance stores nationalized, Fujidenzo Home and Professional Appliances are exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Know-how and has over TWO HUNDRED service centers nationwide. Learn more about Fujidenzo Appliances by shedding by their showrooms in Quezon City, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Davao.


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