How to Unlock Gmail Account Without Password?

What is the method for unlocking the Gmail account without a login password?

Do you need to unlock your Gmail account without a password, as you have already tried to access with a few unsuccessful attempts? This situation might occur when the users are unable to recognize the correct Gmail login password of theirs. Hence, after the Gmail user provided the wrong Gmail login password too many times their account is locked by the authority. However, you can perform the recovery in that case when unlocking your Gmail account without a password becomes necessary. Moreover, Gmail provides multiple ways to recover your account and successfully unlock it.

Hence, the procedure to unlock a Gmail account without a password is as specified below.

· Launch your browser and go to the Gmail login window

· Then enter your Gmail ID in assigned field and tap next

· Next you must select “I don’t know my password” tab

· Then, a few recovery options to unlock your Gmail account without a password will appear


· Next, you have to access the chosen recovery data among mobile or email

· Then grab the verification code you have received from Gmail on it

· Next you have to submit that code on the Gmail recovery window

· Then within a few seconds password reset page will appear on the screen


· Next your security question will appear that you have to answer correctly

· Then again the password reset window will appear once account is verified

· Now you must create a brand new password for your Gmail account

· Then save this new password and use it to unlock your Gmail account

unlock Gmail account without password

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