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Bulgogi is marinated with soy sauce (soy sauce) and sugar, which makes the dish soft and fragrant - a taste that anyone can feel.

Not only the majority of visitors, but also the majority of Koreans love Bulgogi. The dish has a sweet taste, lots of water and only needs a short time to make it.


When eating Bulgogi, people often pack it into lettuce, sesame leaves or some other leaves. This way of eating brings a more authentic taste and more nutrition than just eating Bulgogi.


If the British have sandwiches, Americans have hamburgers and sausages, Koreans have Bibimbap and they are always proud: This is one of the most attractive and typical dishes of Korean cuisine.

Bibimbap is a bowl of mixed rice consisting of white rice, vegetables and meat. Mixed rice is first noticed by the art of mixing colors: the white of rice, the yellow of eggs, the green of vegetables, the brown of meat ... This blend has created the name "mixed rice". Currently, mixed rice dishes have changed a lot compared to traditional mixed rice to be suitable for everyone, not just for Koreans.

Bibimbap At King BBQ, mixed rice is served in a stone bowl. When ordering Bibimbap, diners just need to mix rice and squeeze into the city. The heat radiating from the stone pot will make the rice crispy (like a burnt rice), further increasing the enjoyment of the enjoyment.


Kimchi is considered a typical dish of Korean cuisine. In Korea, kimchi is used in most meals and is a component of many dishes such as kimchi jjigae (kimchi soup), kimchi bokkeumbap (fried kimchi rice).

Although there are hundreds of different types of kimchi, most types of kimchi have a strong and spicy aroma.


The main ingredients for making this dish are vermicelli and seasonal vegetables (usually sliced carrots, onions, spinach, and mushrooms) and meat (usually beef). Koreans use sesame oil (sesame oil) to fry. The main spices are soy sauce and chili and sesame seeds. Japchae can be eaten hot or cold.


This is a spicy and thick Korean stew. Dubbed as one of the most spicy street food. Soondubu jigae is especially popular in the cold season and is considered a warm food.

The soup is made from tofu, seafood (shrimp or clams, oysters, mussels) or meat, mushrooms, kimchi, vegetables and lots of chili. People often eat raw eggs to beat when the stew is boiling.

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