Types of Security Fencing

Protecting property from the entrance of unsocial elements has been in the practice from ancient times. If you go back to history you will notice that the then people who use cover the houses with tree bushes and bamboos or set fire in front of their house to restrict the entrance of wild animals in their property.

security fencing

Some of the common types of fencing available in the market for protecting your property are mentioned below:

Mesh Fencing

factor of mesh fencing

High-Security Fencing

This type of fencing is mainly installed at the places that required to be protected from the entrance of even a layman, due to hazardous items kept inside their boundaries. They have an electric current passing through them so that if anyone tries to move inside the property gets the hit by an electric shock. As a general practice, this type of fencing is mainly installed in the central jails, banks, and the place where secret documents and equipment are kept under strict security.

Palisade Fencing

Because of its robust nature and environmental resistant feature this type of fencing is one of the commonly used fencings for commercial and residential properties. Going through their high demand they are offered in a wide range of heights to meet the different requirements of the property owners. What makes palisade fencing different other types of fencings is its efficiency of being compatible with other security options, for instance, CCTV cameras, high voltage bulbs, moving lights, and others. Going through all these benefits, you can find them commonly installed at different places.

Conclusion: fencings for security

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