Why Ethereum dApps are gaining popularity so fast?

Decentralized casino-type applications (dApps) are widely represented on the blockchains of smart contracts. Let's take a quick look at the current situation and the reasons for its success.

Almost half of the most used dApps relate to games of chance

There are three blockchain platforms, Ethereum, EOS, or Tron, specializing in dApps and smart contracts that are very common among developers of gambling applications nowadays.

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When we classify dApps with the most daily users, we see that alongside video game applications from DEX (decentralized exchange) almost half of the top 20 - exactly 9 out of 20 applications - happen to be gambling dApps.

These dApps all have more than 1000 users every day.

But why such a success?

Before the arrival of cryptocurrencies and decentralized application platforms like Ethereum, there were already classic online casino games hosted on local servers, with a wide choice of table games, cards and different slot machines. So what more do blockchains bring?

The transparency of transactions:The transparency of transactions:

Just like the immutability of blockchains: the transactions validated in each block cannot be corrupted or modified as if it were a database located on a server. In the event of a dispute, a blockchain does not lie.

And most importantly, in terms of security, there is no need to risk your bank details (credit card numbers, etc.). The risk of theft of bank data is zero since only the public address of its crypto wallet is used.

For these reasons, dApps of games of chance have therefore quickly and naturally found their place on the main blockchain platforms. And there is no doubt that they will still constitute a significant part of the activity on these networks for some time.

I'm Andrew Clarkson from Pennsylvania. Like playing online casino games, baseball and soccer. Working as a gambling reporter and freelance writer.
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