Dragon City Breeding Guide How To Get High Purity Dragon

dragon city breeding list

Inside documents down below anyone will learn the best way to breed the dragons as well as gambling for each dragon obtained in Dragon City Mobile. Be sure to keep in mind that this does not consist of facebook version.

How To Breed Icetrek Dragon

Aqualung Dragon + Mastery Dragon

Double Nature Dragon + Allure Dragon

Great Wall Dragon + Mothers Day Dragon

Brave Dragon + Lizard Dragon

Rambutan Dragon + Gel Barrier Dragon

How To Get Acoustic Dragon

Ice Titan Dragon + Huntsdraco Dragon

Nature Titan Dragon + Ice Bullet Dragon

Scarab Dragon + Shadow Dragon

Ovi Dragon + Usurper Dragon

Saturn Dragon + Aquamarine Dragon

How To Get Hero Dragon

Columbus Dragon + Lightbeam Dragon

Beholder Dragon + Vain Dragon

Swamp Dragon + Moonlight Dragon

Blizzard Dragon + Deep Jungle Dragon

Alien Dragon + Wrestler Dragon

How To Breed Aztec Emperor Dragon

Far West Dragon + Wave Dragon

Carnivorous Plant Dragon + Big Rockstar Dragon

Intraterrestrial Dragon + Aqua Dragon

Brown Haired Dragon + Vibrant Dragon

Déjàvu Dragon + Immortal Dragon

How To Breed Lachlan Dragon

Pure Gold Dragon + Soap Bubble Dragon

Tire Dragon + Voodoo Witcher Dragon

Ninja Dragon + Juggernaut Dragon

Sorcerer Dragon + Otoroshi Dragon

Useful Dragon + Furry Dragon

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