Dragon City Breeding Guide How To Get Cold Star Dragon

Breeding is a feature which will allows the player to partner two possessed dragons (minimum level some each) in order to generate a dragon egg from variety of breedable dragons. This is accomplished in one of the raising structures and makes it possible for online players get monster ova without having to pay out gold or jewels. The game randomly selects typically the resulting egg from this alternatives available with the decided on parent pairing. Immediately after a good predetermined breeding moment this egg can be located within the Hatchery. After a predetermined hatching time typically the new dragon can be in a habitat, a good Pre-school, or perhaps the Dragonarium.

how to breed ice and fire dragon

dragon guide

How To Get Pure Nature Dragon

Sacred Dragon + Recycling Dragon

Fallen Angel Dragon + Origami Dragon

Hunter Dragon + Sunlight Dragon

Mr Beast Two Dragon + Katsumoto Dragon

Brown Haired Dragon + Lava Lamp Dragon

How To Get Bunny Dragon

Angry Egg Dragon + Mammatus Dragon

Furry Dragon + Calaverina Dragon

Admirer Dragon + Fervor Dragon

Rainwater Dragon + Burning Sands Dragon

Spartan Dragon + Fallen Angel Dragon

How To Get Slam Dragon

Granite Dragon + High Snow Dragon

Immortal Dragon + Runner Dragon

Evil Pumpkin Dragon + Ice Cream Dragon

Electron Dragon + Laser Dragon

Plume Dragon + Zodiac Gemini Dragon

How To Breed Stinger Dragon

Frostbite Dragon + Deep Sea Dragon

Wilderbeast Dragon + Fiend Dragon

Scaredy Cat Dragon + Catkun Dragon

Zombie Terra Dragon + Electric Dragon

Petra Dragon + Rockfeller Dragon

How To Get Treetop Dragon

Goofy Dragon + Anniversary Dragon

Lava Dragon + Emerald Dragon

Voodoo Witcher Dragon + Notus Dragon

Meteor Dragon + Pure Dark Dragon

Soul Eater Dragon + Pure Nature Dragon

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